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The building of the M&M Railroad

The proposed layout. May not get the second loop done this year, we have to extend the raised garden first. The brown lines are streets and the blue line is a stream in town. The big blue squares are a bog and pond. The multiple colored squares are proposed buildings.

Grandsons are helping out.

Daughter and husband too.

The Kabota and I adding dirt behind the wall, when I get it mostly filled in we will put up the end wall.

Nice. We know what happens when Kabota’s and model railroads mix it up. Stuff gets huge!

Looking forward to meeting y’all in a few weeks in Springfield.

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I will add the the layout is about 20X60 feet. Not sure on the radius on the new end until we get it close to level but on the pond end it’s a 4 foot radius.
We are excited to go to the show and look forward to meeting you too.

I Rember doing that …great progress!

Nice work, You’ll love having the layout up around waist high, makes viewing so much nicer.


Pave Stone, the model railroads choice.

Put the Kubota to work today moving dirt and gravel. Still more to do.

With all the earth moving Mark, are you putting in any tunnels?

There will be two tunnels both about 40 inches long, we bought plastic culvert cut offs from a local building supply that we frequent. One on the back side of the pond and another on the back side of the town. If you look at the map and enlarge it you can see a hose a shoe shape on each end of the tunnels.

One tunnel just needs a mountain on it.

Oh look a mountain kit, some assembly required.

Kubota to the rescue.

Up we go.

Setting it down on top.

Finished product, just need track and portals on each end.

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Started laying some track today. Tried to add a short video of a test run but it would not load.


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Mark this is ticking along nicely. Where is this bridgework on your map?

The red circle is the bridge. Its on the front side.

Nice! Video needs to be hosted on a site like Youtube or Vimeo.

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maybe you should slow down a bit.
largescaling has a dirty little secret: once one has finished building a layout, thoughts about the next (better) layout start sneaking into ones brain.

It’s like you know me. I always have more then one project going at the same time, even after 44 years it still annoys my wife, and thinking of more projects. We have a third bigger pond we would like to add to the layout but it’s a 5 foot (1.5 meters) change in elevation in 20 feet (6 meters).

well, that shouts loud and clear: " waterfall! "

if you slow down somewhat at building, you might even fit into the Devoninger’s faction of the forum.

i personally think it is preferable to run out of lifetime, still having unfinished projects, than running out of projects before lifetime is done.

edit: 44 years? you two must be as stubborn, as my wife and i am. she is shaking her head at my ideas for 45 years now.

That’s a great philosophy! I feel better already :slight_smile: :grin:

 Ok. Full disclosure. What we have is a bog to a small stream that feeds a small pond to a

water fall to a small stream ( though a stone patio) to a water fall into a big pond then the
pump pumps it to the bog and around and around the water goes. We are running about
5-6000 gallons of water. The big pond is 4 feet deep to over winter the Koi fish. I will post a
picture (video when I can) when we turn the pump on, we shut down for the winter.
I will defiantly have unfinished project when my time comes, and that’s good I can’t stand to not have something to do.

… I’m also hearing cog railway. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

  • Though many Centralians have ridden (even raced) the Mt. Washington train, I was quite surprised I couldn’t find, using the LargeScale Centralian WAYBACK MACHINE (2007), that anyone, here has modelled a US cog loco in LargeScale… yet.

  • Mark, have you tried Devoning? It’s quite, fun.

Amazing photos in Dan’s post👇