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I fought the Cog and the Cog won!

This past summer I participated in a unique race. The course was alongside the tracks of the Cog railway that climbs Mt Washington in New Hampshire. It was a brutally hot day in full sun and the trail as not really “runnable” save for the most elite but I had a great time anyway!

That looks great. I have ridden the cog many times and I even have a piece of the rack. I can’t imagine running up that mountain and even hiking it would be a challenge so good on you for making it to the top.
The Cog is a real treasure.

Looking at the video again and it’s sitting on Bilstein yellows with bags . She’s gonna corner like cat crap stuck in a shag rug!

Good stuff and thanks for sharing ! The vista view is fantastic!!

Straight shot!

All I know about the area is watching North Woods Law , about New Hampshire fish and game and all the hikers they have to rescue! !!!
Good to see you didn’t need that and wow that looks steep, doubt I could get far before my legs would quit the job!!!

A bit more info. Only 1 person actually beat the train. It was a guy from Colorado named Joe Grey who had placed first in the Mt Washington road race held the week before. The road race was actually cut to half the distance due extreme weather conditions.
Mt. Washington has a reputation of having the worst weather on the planet!
Here are a few pics from a previous trip and a video of the decent. The “brakeman” spins the wheels applying just enough to keep the car about a foot away from the loco. Yes, the car does shake like that the whole way down.

Wow, amazing. I’d heard of the RR in my earlier days, but now really want to see it for myself!

Neat, they have a live “cog cam” video feed.