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Stan Cedarleaf passed away

Ah crap, that stinks. I met Stan at the BTSs, always a good guy.:pensive:

Stan and Kay have been friends for a long time. This is another shocker. Sorry to say so many of us are becoming in the “vulnerable age” class.

So much fun with him through the years. “Stan, your train” was yelled so many times at Marty’s, that he got the nickname “Train Wreck Stan” or “TWS” for short.

I have 2 mental pictures of him. One, a picture of him taking our 40th Wedding Anniversary picture at Marty’s Banquet, probably almost 10 years ago, and the other picture is this necklace he would wear of early radio control for battery operations made from garage door key fobs and other remote control equipment. He would get a train running and then start taking pictures and if something went wrong, he had to find the right controller around his neck to stop it. Oh my GOD, what fun we have had.

It was probably 2015, since I have seen Stan in person, but a simple email or phone call and the conversation just continued. A great friend, a great person. Another big loss to our hobby. Our deepest sympathy to his wife, Kay and his family. Rest in Peace, my friend.


loved conversing with him at York, always joking. RIP

Oh man, that sucks! Another great guy gone! I never got to meet him in person but he did custom decals for me and was very helpful, and of course he was always a welcome and supportive presence on the forum.

My condolences to his family and friends.

Have known Stan for a number of years… At Marty’s, the ECLSTS and when he came back to this area to visit family… He had been at both our layouts, the one in O’Fallon that was taken down in 2004 when we moved to Nashville and he has visited the current Bluestone Southern when it was in it’s construction phase… Ric Golding expressed what it was like with him at Marty’s… Loads of fun…

He has created numerous decals for freight cars on my railroad… Quite the gentleman…

My sincere condolences to Kay and Stan’s family and friends… He will be missed…

Crapp…Rest in peace Stan.

Well damn. I never met Stan or used his decals, but I always appreciated his posts here and on other forums. R.I.P.


Stan was always a pleasure to talk with. He was a judge a couple years at ECLSTS modeling contest in York a few years and judged some of my entries. I never asked how he voted nor did I care because I knew it was an honest vote from the heart. Yet another that will truly be missed for his talent (the decals were awesome) along with his kindness and sharing of the hobby.
My condolences to Kay and the family and their close friends.


So sorry to hear. And a major loss to the hobby in general. Condolences go out to the family.

Oh my gosh. So sad to hear this. He was such an asset and always willing to help make your project a reality. I never really new him and he didn’t participate much on here. But I did buy his decals and he was always very friendly and helpful in making sure I got EXACTLY what I needed. He even reprinted my decals for free when I made the typo. He said he should have caught it and proof read it. Before I knew it I had brand newones spelt correctly.

The hobby will miss him and for those that knew him I am sure he will be missed much more as the person.

GREAT picture David! Based on that, I was going through my pictures, hoping I had one, but alas - NONE. I talked with him on the phone and face to face at the show, but NOT one picture. A great, friendly guy that will be missed by many.

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Stan will truly be missed. Here is one from Marty’s in 2012. Marty provided the venue for his meets but Stan was the organizer running things from his van.


I don’t have a single locomotive, freight car or caboose or Welsh narrow gauge loco, passenger or freight car that does NOT have Stan’s marvellous decals on it. His willingness to go the extra mile was legendary and well-deserved. To say that he will be missed is the understatement of the year and my heart goes out to Kay and the rest of the Cedarleaf family. Every time I look at around 95% of all the rolling stock I’ve built over the many years I’ve dealt with him, I’ll be remembering him as ‘the man who made decals’.

Thank you, Stan. You certainly ‘made your mark’ in our great hobby.


First Ken and now Stan. The hobby has lost two of its finest. Most all of the decals on the SJR&P were made by Stan and I enjoyed meeting him at several shows ovetr the years.

We will miss him.

the other Stan


Darn! Sad news. It’s been so long ago, I can’t remember when I first contacted Stan about his decals.
Every thing that required a decal came from Stan. I was just getting ready to talk to him again about another set I need.
RIP, my friend.

Wow…another one of the good guys gone. Stan did ALL of the decals for my 1/8th scale equipment. He really helped me with the graphics on my two Baldwin electrics, It was always a pleasure working with Stan on getting everything perfect on his decals. When my son came home from Iraq in 2005, he made special decals for my son’s Humvee ambulance he used in combat. I am going to miss him. A true gentleman. Our condolences to Kay and the family.

What can I say that has not been said God speed Stan you will be missed

Stan and Kay


Great picture Richard. Thank you.

That’s a great pic of Stan and Kay. Thanks for posting it.

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