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I never got to meet Stan in person but he helped me with multiple lettering projects, always a friendly and helpful character. So, here’s my multi-part question to you all:

  1. Does anyone here know Mrs. Cedarleaf personally and will she continue the business or be willing to sell his equipment to one of us in order to continue his legacy in serving the hobby?

  2. If not, what other providers are available who print high quality decals in white, gold, silver and other colors like Stan was able to do?

You’re all saying he was a great loss to the hobby, which I agree with, but no one seems to be discussing options for the future. I was just getting ready to send in a large order to Stan and am interested in exploring options. Please feel free to PM me with any information or ideas.


I don’t know her at all and just barely knew Stan, but I sure think it would be good to continue his legacy.

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There’s a few hobby decal suppliers floating around.

Circus City is one, and Precision Design out of Canada

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You might also want to deal here :
I’ve had good success with the above and feel he supplies a high quality product
YMMV JMHO :sunglasses:

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I move the decal source discussion out of Stan’s remembrance thread into a new thread.


To all interested in a new decal source. Stan was using ALPS printers to do his decals. Those printers are very old and rare to find, if at all. Then you need the expertise on how to operate them. Stan always commented that his decal business would continue IF he could keep the old printers working.

Highball Graphics is a great source for railroad decals in the hobby (in ALL scales). He is presently working on the artwork for our 1/8th scale Arrowhead Water Bottle Cars.

Highball Graphics is located in West Ossipee, New Hampshire.

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This is not a replacement by any means to good quality decals. But there are options to do it yourself. There are manufacturers of laser decal paper in both clear and white. And if you are choosy about your printer there is a company that makes white toner, called ghost white

I have not used the white yet as it is expensive. But I have used the laser paper with marginal success. I am not sure I am sold yet. And the major problem with the white toner is you have to remove you black cartridge and print the white as if it were black. This rules out black and white together on a clear decal paper.

Again not ideal, no where even close to the guys using ALPS printers like Stan. But I thought I’d throw it out there

Posted over on Model Railroad Hobbyist forum seeking decal printers and was suggested

ricky rupp at does excellent work

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Over on the other forum, they just recently posted on Stan’s passing and someone posted these folks Custom Model Train Waterslide Decals - Bedlam Creations

The site looks like the experience is there and a wide variety of subjects as well.

Those do look like some quality decals tanks Bob for the resource.

I googled this, not an endorsement of the company.

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I had used Stan a couple of times but then I discovered a fellow here. Big Jon who owns Model Decal Depot. If you are a G1MRA member in issue 272 there is an article by David Leech.
Web-site is

I remember a year or so ago I posted a link to a guy who was selling one. No-one was interested. :roll_eyes:

I have one and a bunch of the cartridges. They’re a giant PITA to get working, but I did at one time and printed out some decals. It has a printer port, so I’d need to figure out how to get it working with my Mac…

I guess my state must be sitting on a ton of them as that seems to be the “proprietary, top secret” printer for the emissions program.