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Spring colors

I’m starting to see some spring colors

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You guys up North are late bloomers :smiley: We’ve had color for over a month down hear close to the sound. This was early March!

Saw some more

Now that it’s late spring after record rainfall, the color of my Railroad is green! The Maple seedlings and Sedums are out of control. Yesterday I filled a 5 gallon bucket with Sedum cuttings. Today that bucket is nearly full of Maple seedlings. Here’s a before shot…

I’ll post an After shot later.

And after…

Still needs mulch. That’s for another day.

Pic isn’t coming thru, Jon…

How about now? 20 Char.


A bit of late spring colors here. The daisies make pretty good stand-ins for sunflowers, which are grown here commercially (Kid-zilla edited the shot).

Unfortunately, my native plants bloomed earlier, and one may have fallen victim to ants. Hopefully, it’ll recover.



My Sedums are in bloom :smiley:

This plant originated on Ken’s RR and overwintered once in my basement, barely surviving, then overwintering this year in the new planter where it thrived last summer. I wasn’t sure looking at what was left above ground in early spring, but it greened up like gangbusters and began to spread. I noticed the blooms earlier in the week…

And this variety originated with a handful donated by a neighbor probably 15 years ago. It grows everywhere on my RR and in my rock walls. I’ve never notice it blooming before. This was a very wet spring, and the plants loved it. I don’t know if these will open with color, or just become seed pods…

We shall see :slight_smile:


Dan Pierce held an open house

It’s all I got right now

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Love this building, Rooster. Did you by any chance do a build log on this or have some glamour shots posted somewhere?

I did do a build log however I forgot about it and suppose I need to try and fix this thread as well.

I remember that build and I fully expected it to have been on MLS. Glad it’s here. At least there is hope!

I did a little maintenance, some encroaching was going on and then I ran the essential engine

That was one line, the easiest to clean

I am not going to be as lucky with the rest

And today, I noticed that some of the Creeping Jenny is blooming! True to its name, none of it grows where I planted it, but has migrated to where conditions are more favorable!

With the wet spring, even the Woolly Thyme is spreading :smiley:

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Rhododendron is blooming in my idle rail way


We have been quite busy on the 3rd physical iteration of the transcontinental DÜRR (Korm suggested it stands for Down Under Railroad and I added the umlauts as dürr translates as arid) and nothing has been allowed to grow there. It’s just piles of sandy loam.

I’m looking forward to the gardening part of the project. I showed Herself your post but she just rolled her eyes when I told her that some day we too, will have plenty of thyme on our hands. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: