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Source for Hartland and Kalamazoo Parts?

With Phil Jensen no longer in the Hartland parts business, I wondered what happened to Phil’s inventory and if anyone has found a business supplying Hartland (and Kalamazoo) parts? I am restoring a Kalamazoo Civil War (Union) 0-4-0 and need the drive wheel hub and spoke units. I have three versions of the 0-4-0 (one I purchased on eBay as a parts engine) and they all have cracked drive wheel hubs. All the new hub and spoke units on eBay are for smaller drivers.
Any thoughts about finding replacements or creative ways to make new ones (3D printing supplier?).
Thanks, David

GLX in Canada are 3D printing Aristocraft and some Bachmann parts. You could ask him about your hubs.

Alternatively, find some similar wheels. Hartland 4-4-0s have different wheels from Kalamazoo, which may be cracking from age. (I assume you meant the 4-4-0.)

Note that those 4-4-0s are models of standard gauge locos so the wheels have more spokes. A wheel from a narrow-gauge loco won’t look the same, imho.

Can you upload pictures of what you are working on ?

A picture says 1,000 words to me and rather than speculate I personally would prefer to see pictures of your project.

This the one?