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Something I've been working on...

Here’s link to the video:

This is a NH FB1 Snow Thrower that was custom built for RCS America and I plan on upgrading the 12V motor to an 18V HRD Hammer Drill motor with two speed settings. We will also upgrade the throttle to the New RailLinx 900 10amp Throttle, so we can hookup a pusher locomotive (if need be) and plug it in directly to a 2-Pin Aristo Plug on the back side of the FB1. The FB1 motor blocks are power separately from the hammer drill motor which runs off a relay and starts turning at 12 volts. That way “hopefully” no fingers will get cut off when the snow thrower is sitting still?

More pictures to come.

Rick Isard

Cordless Renovations, LLC

That right there is cool.

Terry, thanks…

I have six used FB1 units that I will be converting to snow throwers over the next several months. They will all have the same hardware and control system with a basic coat of paint.

When I’m finished with one I will post it here for sale.


Rick Isard

Cordless Renovations, LLC

Man that’s cool! It really cranks up. Does it have a clutch or something, in case it hits something really solid?

Hi Ric,

Not yet, but when I upgrade it with the 18V HRD Hammer Drill motor with two stage gearbox, it will.

Rick Isard

Cordless Renovations, LLC

RCS America

The possibilities are endless:-D

Nice job Rick. Ive wondered why no one has seemingly yet to try and over kill on power and drive with G “scale” rotaries. Since its obviously not the same battle as it is in 1:1 why not build the models in our favor? Another area I’d like to explore is the blade design. What would be optimum for us verses how it looks compares to the prototype blades. I think ours would protrude more with a slight twist to be the best for the job, but I’m sure it would look funky.

I’ll be watching. I’m guessing In Iowa you have some snow out back? Are we going to get to see it in action? (


But, here’s where I’m at so far.

I had some parts on order and they arrived on Thursday, so here’s what going inside.

Any update on this project?



Actually yes. Everything is installed but I just haven’t had time to take pictures and update everyone. But, I will say it’s extremely powerful. The one problem that we did encounter was ice. Because this version of the shroud doesn’t have the square, flat bottom blade to cut through the snow and feed the shroud; the ice would clump against the trucks and stop the momentum of the snow thrower. So, we piled snow in front of the shroud to see the distance it would throw and I can honestly say that at low speed/high torque (450fp) 10ft. is not out of the question, and it does clear it very well.

This FB-1 version weighs 17 lbs., with the IMR26700A Lithium Battery-Pack. You will also be able to choose the 18V NC2500SCR NiCd Battery-Pack to operate in temps down below 20 degrees.

Give me a couple of days and I’ll post pictures and a video. This will be on display and operational at the ECLSTS.


Thanks Rick!

Will look forward to the pictures!


Hello everyone,

I have an updated video of the snow thrower in action at the ECLSTS. Click on this link:



Links suggest the video is private…


No, it’s not private.

Hi Rick

I get a “please sign in” message when I click on the video.


I don’t see that, but I’ll take a look.

Ok, try it now. They were in draft mode, so I went back in to You Tube and published them.

OK for me now Rick


I’m no snow blower expert being from Florida, but is something missing on the front to get down to rail level? Seems the way it is, it would leave a lot of snow on the track.

Either some housing to get the snow up, or move the whole unit closer to the rails or both would be my take.