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Small rustic bridge

at my river section i need a small bridge.

as the whole layout is set at about 150 years ago, i decided to build a makeshift backwoods bridge.

the abuttments(?) made from trees locally felled, two long, strong beams and just two posts rammed into the riverbed.

here we go - pic of the first activities.

That will be a neat little bridge. I like backwoods RRing. I have seen photos of entire trestles built from sticks and twigs. I think Marc Horovitz of GR mag had one on his layout.

Keep up the good work

That’s pretty typical of the era. It’ll wreck the train in a few years.

inside the abuttment i put some foam (to save on cat-litter ballast)

and some instant-ageing with liquid shoepolish and alcohol.


only things missing is some ballast (waiting for tinted cat-litter)

the surrounding earth (next time i work with plaster)

aaand the water… (that waits for completing of the whole section’s riverbanks and some tests on how to pour resin)

well, the inspection crew says, the bridge is fit for service!

Looks great. Regards, Ron

I think it looks good too!

thanks for all comments.

i hope it will look better, once surrounded by a landscape.

Sharp! That’ll really look good all scenicked in.

all scenicked in - but that is the hard part.

detailing enough to be believable, but not so much do confuse the observer.

the bridge itself was nothing but glue some sticks and twigs together.

Where are the pictures? I don’t see any!

any? as in no pics in the whole thread?

or as in since i wrote about landscaping?

if it is the latter, here we go:

not a quick, as i hoped, but at least something.

waiting for the oil based riverbottom to dry , that i can pour in the resin water.

some more from before (not sorted), where you see, how minimistic my substructure is.

coffeestirrers (no MacD robbed for this structure) some household papertowels, some sinthetic tablecloth and lots of white glue.

the brown colour and the plaster were some first tests, while waiting for the glue to dry.

Dick Friedman said:

Where are the pictures? I don’t see any!

I don’t see any either, including Korm’s latest post :frowning:


IE or Firefox…no pictures

here we go again!

we had the same problem some days ago.

please read the second page of this thread:

if the solutions mentioned there don’t help you, send me your mail addresses per pm and i send you the pics.

What’s odd, there is no link in the post. Sometimes I see an “X” where the photos should be.

Sometimes there is no “X”, just a blank space.

If I “Quote” your post, I can see the link in the editor.

I remember the previous discussion. I have the latest “Flash” on both browsers.



I see ALL your pictures and always have. The problems must be on their end, so don’t make yourself crazy over it. BTW, you are doing just fine on the scenery.

Joe Zullo said:


The problems must be on their end

I don’t think so, Joe.

I grabbed the url’s from the editor. Plugged them in my address bar.

Each one timed out.

I think the problem is with his web host.

You may be getting lucky, Joe :wink:


How do you figure that? I get his posts from Korm’s web host just as you do and don’t have a problem. It must be YOUR web host!

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I get the pix just fine too…