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This may have been covered somewhere, I have not been able to locate it. I am looking for a way to search all threads that I initiated so I can fix the photo issues. Any one know the magic code?

Try going here:

But with your user name…

Or just click this.

Thanks Jim, just what the Dr orderd :smiley:

btw: the New Features topic has a lot of stuff that is useful. In fact the first post there tells you how to get to all your topics (same thing I just posted for you here).

Jeeze Jim, thanks a lot, really. I just found another16 posts I need to run down the pictures for and reinsert them :smiley:

ok, well, let’s hope you don’t learn the wrong lesson and stop posting (so future software upgrades don’t keep you snowed under for years). we all love seeing your work!

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