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New Features

As we continue to use the new forum software, new features are found that make the experience better and/or easier to use. This thread can be a common area to report what you have found that’s new and useful. I’ll start

Activity History -
Go to your profile picture at top left and click.
Click on the Person icon
Select Activity
You can then drill down (at left) to Topics (all your topics) Replies (all your replies) and more.

Download / Zoom Photo -
Go to any photo in any thread.
Hover over the photo and you will see the photo size at bottom.
Click the photo - It will open in a viewer with a download option.
IF the actual photo is larger than the forum view size, clicking again will take you to the full size image with scroll bars.

You can test the zoom in any of my threads as I always upload a minimum of 1024 pixels wide and usually 2048 pixels wide.


A feature I noticed was when adding photos while posting you get a chance to reduce their size in the preview side of your post (when you are typing the left is the edit feild the right is the preview field). I think it gives you three choices in percentages. Much easier than the old system where you had to type the actual size you wanted when you were embedding them.

Oh and on that note. I was having fits trying to place photos where I wanted them in the text. Dumb me I didn’t have the cursor where I wanted it. Mainly when I was adding them during a edit. At any rate make sure your cursor is where you want the photo when you do the drag and drop. It does not place it where you drag it. It places it where the cursor is.

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found something, that hopefully will not be needed for ever:

right-clicking on one of the “http” pics, that do not show, there is the option to open the pic in a new tab.
doing that, one sees the pic!
not optimal, but better, than an empty frame.

Found another neat feature. Select some text in somebody’s post, you get a little menu with “Quote” in it:

I highlighted that text in Devon’s post and quoted it.


Neat. I was wondering how to quote!

That’s one method. To quote the entire post, hit the reply button on the post the click the dialog balloon at the left of the composer toolbar.


Cool one as well. Thanks.

FYI: just uploaded 3 pics at once from my phone. Went smoothly. Then added extra line breaks between them in the editor. Of course I could have added more description between them if I wanted to. The new post editor is very nice!


You can change the font size you are viewing in, in your profile/preferences/interface tab:

And in chat with the gear icon at the bottom on the left.


Also note the Default Home Page selector. There are a few available. I think these are useful to know about:

  • Categories: similar to the Forums tab in the old LSC
  • Latest: topics with new posts you haven’t seen, similar to the old LSC home page
  • New: topics you have shown interest in with new posts. If you created or posted in a topic, you are interested. Probably other ways too

Please correct me if I am wrong.

I changed mine to Latest because I am used to the old home page.


Yes - that opens it in a browser window, not somewhere in the forum software. Used to work on the old LSC too.

Don’t blame me (or Bart) !

We can’t work the text colors blanks for one?
We’ll wait for awhile until site is done and ck again later.

Deleted post. Site not able to work it for now. ck later.

It’s all good Pap we gotcha pap!

I have been able to drag and drop a picture from my iphone to Chat, but trying to copy and paste one here to see how things work has been a dismal failure for me.

ok this may be what I was looking for . I get how it works now, I was going for the literal translation and then found the upload button!

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Another discovery: Edit History.

If a post has been edited, a pencil icon will show up at the top right of the post.

Clicking on the icon will show you a side-by-side comparison of the edit history! No more saying nasty stuff then editing it out!

I will edit this post so you can see an example here.

After further review, there must be a timer. This post was edited immediately and doesn’t show the pencil icon. Noel’s post above has the icon and will show the edit history.

This edit was 2 hours later. The Pencil Icon has appeared after this edit.
Also discovered you can see every edit if there are multiple edits.

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I have set up new topic announcements pushing to the LSC Facebook group. I’ve been wanting this for a long time and Discourse makes this pretty easy. Should drive some interest to the site, there are a lot of members of that group on FB that aren’t members here.


I’ve been noticing that. I wasn’t sure if you had it set up to announce automatically, or were making the posts yourself. Now I know!