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Rooster's favorite part of the hobby

Mine too! :grinning:

I recently bought an LGB collection, and spent the morning cleaning out the shop to make room for it.

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You wouldn’t happen to have an extra mikado box?



I did have one time
That one died in the last mass red box extinction. :grinning:

Just grabbing a tissue here…

Agree. Holding on to the box implies a pre-nuptial agreement that you might just go your separate ways at some point. Some say box crushing is the equivalent of plate smashing at a Greek wedding.

…and although I didn’t receive an invitation the ceremony, it looked like a beautiful day…. Sorry, just tearing up a bit here. I love these ceremonies!

I Rooster take you Amtrak Superliner II to be my passenger car to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for mainline or station, in the workshop and on track, to love and to cherish, forsaking all non-Amtrak, till death us do part…

The first mass extinction,

Now that is classic …lmao

From the bucks party…

Or so I imagine….

Ok, Rooster, you keep showing us that one box. I know you got more!
Get busy and show pics to prove it. :grinning:

Now THAT was funny!

I did have more but didn’t take any pictures? However I also saved a few so I can put my Amtrak models in them to confuse the masses.