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Rooster will get a kick out of this

I went up in the hayloft of my old barn for the first time in about ten years. I’d forgot that I stored my old boxes up there for some stupid reason.
This is the first load. There’s one more to go.
Off to the dump.

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LMAO John !
That was 2011 and I ticked off some guys with those pics. Thanks for sharing yours !!



I smashed an LGB box right in the middle of a train show. Frikken Large scale dealers came unglued!
It was great! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :laughing:

I was going to smash them with Bobcat, but styrofoam was flying all over, and I don’t want to rake that up. So I’m going to remove the foam and then smash them.

Well if your gonna smash an LGB box then why not do it at the East Coast Large Scale Train Show back in the day. BTW… I did recycle the box John !

OMGram …LMAO!!!


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You could make a pretty penny listing those for sale…:roll_eyes:

I had a guy pay me $100 for shipping for some empty LGB boxes I was giving away for free. He ended up donating another $50 for my trouble.

Craig, I don’t have time nor the energy to buy more boxes to ship those boxes in or deal with Ebay.
I’m fine with junking them.

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I merely wrapped mine with grocery bags and mailed them off. :joy:

Wow! Both a Delton Locomotive Works and a Railway Express Agency (pre- Aristo) box. Those had to be over 30 years old!

Fun Stuff, David Meashey

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I quit saving boxes around the year 2000. Those are from 1985 up to 2000.

Styrofoam is separated and the boxes are flat.

This just the styrofoam. All the flat boxes are now loaded and the trailer is tarped and ready to go.
What a job. I’m glad that’s done.

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