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Rick's MIK 2022

I guess I’m in. This years Challange falls in an area that has lots of options, but one I have been wanting to do for years popped into mind as soon as I read Dave’s post.

A large Stiff Leg Derrick for freight handeling at track side.

How long has this project been on the back burner, well here are a couple of snap shots along with some rough dimensions that I got in August of 1987 so it’s about time :grinning:

These pictures are in the yards of the Yreka Western in Yreka California, Everything there is now gone except the depot and this derrick.

So in keeping with the spirit of the challange I present my “shop towel” drawing.

I have started rooting through boxes and drawers gathering materials that may be used. I don’t think I will have any expenses to declare on this one.

A good piece of Mahogany for the timbers, gears and pulleys, and line for the cable.

This should be a fun build, now to dig out some reference material.


Nice simple structure with lots of detail stuff to obsess over :sunglasses:

I see a motor. Perhaps a RailPro Accessory module might be in your future to remotely control / animate it!


Nice little hoist. Visible on Google street view too.

That will be a neat project Rick. I really like the hoist you attached to that fine looking Shay.

This will be cool. Nice trackside detail

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The crab for a derrick like this could be operated manually or with a motor, don’t know yet how this one will end up. Right now the motor is just part of the contemplation pile.

That’s cool, I hadn’t thought of looking there , as I drive by it 4-5 times a year.

Thanks, yea that Shay is a project that just got put on hold now that the Challange has started.

Some of my reference material for this project.

These are cuts from the 1914 sales catalog of American Hoist and Derrick Co. This first one shows what I am going to try and roughly reproduce. There will be some changes, the biggest one is changing from the latticed steel members to wood timbers and changing the wire rope rigging slightly.

The Crab ( Lord only knows where they got that name) recommended in the catalog for this size Derrick is the #11 shown in this cut. It says that it can be furnished either with an electric motor or for hand power but no where in the catalog does it show or mention electric motor connections. Hhhmmmm.

They show all kinds of information on using remote steam hoisting engines for operating the boom lines, load lines as well as rotating the boom. More digging seems to be in order.
This could be fun.

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That is a lot taller than I imagined it!

One of my first CAD designs for printing was a hoist like those. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


Rick, I’m excited to see you build this. I’ve wanted to build one for a while and have just never gotten around to it. Now I will have a tutorial to go by :wink:

I designed and printed a single drum, double purchase crab as part of my MIK 2020 project. Here is a video of the model.

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Thanks Dan.
I remember your great build a coupla years ago. Not sure mine will turn out all that great because I don’t have a printer and even if I did, I have no ability to use it :smiley:

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OK, all set to go. All neccessary materials rounded up, I think, and build sequence figured out. All this pre-planning should last well into Tomorrow afternoon before I start changing things around :smiley:

Here is the second generation napkin drawing ( to scale) showing the member sizes and shieve locations as well as the line layout.

Off to a slow start here. The last two days have been the first time we have seen the sun shine in over a month so had lots of stuff to do outdoors, not train related.

But did get a little done.
The mast and boom are cut and mortised, the bottom mast mount is fabricated and a bunch more parts were scrounged up from various stashes. I did have to spend some money for this project after all, my can of black heat proof paint was no good, I bought it in April of 2017, geeeze nothing lasts anymore :grinning:

Thats going to be very cool. Already some great work fitting the sheeves.

Not much progress just been working on the hardware for the mast and boom, only a couple of single blocks yet to build to finish this part. Only really fussy thing left is the Crab and they are always fun.
A couple of pictures for proof :grinning:

The truss rod for the boom

All the rest of the hardware ready for the etching tank

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Hardware is really cool!

How are you making the ladder rungs?

And yeah, like Jon said. Cool!

Love following your work Rick. Details and knowledge are spectacular :sunglasses:

Beautiful as always. Great looking hardware.

Thanks for the input Guys.

Jim, the “ladder” looking things are the steel plate bracing for the timbers, they thru-bolt to reinforce the wood. Made with brass flat stock and bolts and nuts.