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RailPro with Phoenix sound

Looking for information on installing a RailPro but keeping my various Phoenix sound cards. Yes I know that RailPro had sound built in, but for steam, it is not real great, plus I like the extra sounds, etc. and I know it is more expensive to do it this way, but I already have a number of the Phoenix sound cards for my engines. So any help is appreciated before I tear into the engines for the install.

Hello Mickey,
It seems you asked this same question last July and Don Sweet provided an answer.

It’s fairly easy. Just set the sound buttons as lights. The RailPro light outputs are sinking (ground) when activated which works perfect for Phoenix triggers. Connect the chuff directly to the locomotive’s chuff triggers per Phoenix instructions.

Now you have me thinking. I’m in the middle of converting a C-19 that came from Ken’s estate. It had a P8 in it that I was going to sell, but maybe I should try it with the RailPro controller.

I agree that the steam sounds, especially chuff sync, are not as good as Phoenix. I live with it because I love everything else!

I don’t know what I have but I have been maintaining/ repairing / tweaking what was already done and keeping it like it is. A few things I don’t understand however I will figure it out.

I just remembered the answer was yes, but no specifics. Now I am looking for specifics. I get just use the out wires from RailPro to trigger the bell, whistle, lights, even coupler. But I’m guessing the motor out from RailPro to the P8 in power?

Power the Phoenix directly from the battery (after fuse). For Steam, you should not need the motor input on the Phoenix, but if you do, then use the motor output from RailPro to the Phoenix Motor In.

Which Phoenix do you have? I can probably sketch out a wiring diagram for you.

Glad to help. If you have specific questions, just ask.

P8. Was wanting to use the chuff sync.

I’ll look that one up and see what I can sketch up. You want to use the chuff sync on teh P8, not the Railpro module, correct?

Hey Jon,
Hold on to a copy of that sketch for me, I have 2 AirWire /Phoenix systems I want to change to RailPro/Phoenix this next Winter :grinning:

I’ll post it here and in the RailPro forum. Have most of it done, needs some edits so it lines up better with RaiilPro’s defaults for lights, etc.

Yes I’m assuming the chuff for the Phoenix sound since it needs to sync sound with chuff. Correct?

Yes. As I am drawing this up I realized that it would be possible, with two speakers, to still utilize some sound effects on RailPro. Not sure why you would want to do that, but possible. For a dual motor diesel perhaps.

I got a good start on the drawing. Need to do some edits. Maybe in the morning.

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Had some quiet time this morning to finish up the drawing. I have not tested this yet, but I’m pretty confident it will work. I could not match the color codes on the original drawings, so don’t wire based on color.

NOTE: Crossing wires without a dot at the junction ARE NOT connected. Speaker connection on LM-3S-G is not required. If desired, a second speaker may be connected for additional sounds.

This is a scalable PNG file. Download before printing for best resolution.

Once hooked up, configure your Hand Controller buttons for the Phoenix sounds as Light Outputs and select the wire color that corresponds to the wire connected to the Phoenix trigger for that sound.

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Thanks for your time and effort. I’ll print this out today and place in my manuals. I’m certainly no expert on any of this so if my questions appear ignorant, have “pity on this poor fool”. First, I don’t understand the +5volts wire coming out of the RailPro. Next, why would you want a second speaker? I understand the words play other sounds but what would an example be? Lastly, if you have a 2 or 3 motor unit like the Shays, Climax, 2-6-6-2, do you hook up using the motor 2 connections also? Why would you or not use the motor 2 connections?

The +5V line is used for lights. See the RailPro manual for details. The light outputs ground the lamps to complete the circuit.

Second speaker would allow more sounds. The P8 has 4 triggers. If you wanted another sound effect like manual Coupler Clank, it could be produced by the RailPro through a second speaker. Not practical for most.

Motor 1 and Motor 2 are for convenience. I’m pretty sure that internally they connect to the same point. On a two motor loco (common) I use both to make wiring simpler. For a 3 motor, you’ll need to double up on one of them. Probably front truck on Motor 1 and the two rear trucks on Motor 2.