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Proof Reading SD60f Build Instructions

Hi Guys,

I’ve been pretty busy building 3 more SD60f’s using the build instructions I shared. I was using the build article, but it did not survive the transition to the new site. I’ve tried to edit it, but it appears to be over the size limit. I think I might rebuild the instructions as a web page so that I can divide the instructions into chapters to make it easier to find what you need.

So I am now using the original build thread which contains the same info.

I’ve done a redesign of the tail which I’ll share. I’ve set it up so that a speaker box with a 3" speaker can slide in from the front, and is secured from below with screws. I also drilled a 2" hole at the rear to make it easier to get at the rear door window and headlight.



Nice! Will you be doing FANS?

Thanks Bruce. Fans will just be static. If I mount a cooling fan in the body it might create some fan movement. We’ll see.

Cool. So, do the speaker boxes just screw in place?’

VERY nice work. 3D prints? Resin or PLA?

Yes. I built some guides so that they slide in snug, and then four screws can secure them from under the floor.

My work is all done with styrene. Tail and DB fans are from the SD70 ( USA Trains ). End steps, bell, and fuel tanks ( lengthened ) are from Aristo SD45’s. These three will be getting the RailPro system, unlike the first one I built which uses the SD45 wiring and a REVO.

Very NICE job. You should be VERY pleased with the results.

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nice looking trio Shane

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Thanks Guys. I’m really hoping to have these in service by spring.

Very cool old-school build :slight_smile:

I like your speaker boxes. What is the source of the speaker?

BTW, your photos don’t display directly without clicking to open them. Looks like that is because your photo link begins with simply www. If you were to add https:// in front of the www, the images should display in the thread, like this…

Now THAT is strange. I had no problem seeing them in line…

What browser are you using Bruce?

Never mind. I just found a Firefox setting HTTPS Only Mode. When enabled it changes all connections to HTTPS. With that enabled I now see the photos in-line :grin:

I switched over to Brave Browser and search engine awhile back.

Neat. The option is at the bottom of the Privacy & Security page.

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Hi Jon,

I picked them up from John at Winona Garden Railways. The 3" are no longer available, but I recently purchased some 2.5" and they are labeled Visaton. I think most of what Winona sells is the same as what you can get from Robby at RLD.

PS-I’m also using the Brave browser.

Well I’m making a lot of progress. On Boxing Day I’ll be ordering batteries and RailPro’s. I’m looking forward to see how these sound with the speaker boxes.



Funny I don’t see any green tape…You bought them …

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Here I thought I had issues but 3 LOCOS? Shane you really need a hobby!


Love it!

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Forgot to add it reminds me of a Scooby Doo episode (or a made up one)

" Scooby Doo Meets The Draper Taper"

Looks great Rooster. I’m glad I’m not the only one suffering from this ugly addiction.

Hehe. I sentence both of you to RIDE in an Amtrak car. (We took the Crescent to New Orleans and I was sure that I would be thrown out of my bunk!)