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Proof Reading SD60f Build Instructions

Happy New Year.

Batteries and RailPro’s have been ordered.

I’ve had to correct about 6 photos and 6 text posts so far in the build instructions. I’ve also discovered a step I forgot to post.

Upgrades- Front vents have 4 additional fins, and drain behind fuel tank has had the styrene tube replaced with a 3mm piece of heat shrink tube as it simply bends when you grab it by mistake when lifting the locomotive. ( I had to repair it on the original a few times before it too was upgraded )


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Hi Guys. I have the basic wiring complete on the SD60f’s, and have discovered that the new speaker system does more then put out sound. They move enough air to turn the roof fans.


Well, I’m down to the small details. The worst will be applying all of Burl’s door hinges to the sides.

I’m looking forward to getting some paint on them in the spring.

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more pics
more video
just more


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Do a search for Shane’s builds John well worth the time :sunglasses: :grin:


John, I have a lot on my workbench, so hopefully I can post some more updates over the next few months.

i am looking forward to it. i find the videos very helpful especially seeing your techniques

thank you