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Portable Pizza Layout

Ken thats why I was trying to post a link only, the pic is very large.

Well, you’d probably have to put the picture on a page and use an html handle on the end of it for a link. There’s more computer savy guys than me on here so maybe they have a better way of doing it.

Image resized :wink:

I’m rapidly burning thru my Bag-o-Balsa and Bag-o-Basswood supply, but still no pics, camera’s gone somewhere :open_mouth:

I finished the Mine, its basswood and balsa stripwood and clear plastic dollhouse windows on a backing piece of 1/2" foamcore, and am painting it now, My wife left our camera at a family members house, and now its gone AWOL :frowning: , so no pics for now, I’m considering just getting another one, a cheap backup camera, for just such a situation.

Pictures at last!





Looks good, Vic, but seems to be lacking a little in depth. Was Sheriff Bart the architect?

I do admire you talent, even though I will tease you mercilessly about it.



“Mongo Impressed, have strong feelings for Sheriff Bart” :lol: Love that movie. Yeah, its a little “shallow” but then it it intended so the whole shibang can be pushed up against a wall. I used a sheet of Blue Foam as an impromtu backdrop, I hope to make up a foamcore backdrop to go along whenever I take the layout for display. Given the dirth of train events here I’m beginning to wonder if that shouldnt be, “if” ever.

That’s neat! I might try to make up something like that for the train show they have in North Platte every year, seldom have any G scale stuff there. Didn’t want to haul the club’s big stuff up there, can’t do it by myself. Jerry

Jerry, you can save a ton of time with that new Aristo track circle thats only 31" in diameter that I posted about. I’m working with the Aristo 21" diameter for an even more portable layout.

I know they have that size. I have some code 250 I could bend, I imagine. Jerry

Time to resurrect this thread over here as well, been reworking this puppy for this years BTS as I’m adding a second track to this monstrously oversized layout.

Portable Pizza 07

Where I started.

Setting up the foam pieces. Cold weather made gluing the pieces together a day long experience! Glue one piece, come back tomorrow, glue some pieces, and come back tomorrow. But progress was made, I originally planned to place a small tunnel on top but it didn’t look good at all, so I’ll add a small mesa along side the track to it instead. Bridge underway!

Portable Pizza 08

Bridge , with station removed, the lower parts of it will be covered by the station when replaced

Portable Pizza 09

Portable Pizza 10

Portable Pizza 11

That’s an Aristo 21” circle of track, stained the rails to brown them.

Because of the nature of the track I had to build the bridge in place one bent at a time. Finished the bridge, paint it and touched up the scenery. Adding plant material and ballast next. New pics to follow.

A double decker pizza - I love it :smiley:

Vic: I already mentioned it but looks great. So when are you going to move to the East Coast and live with me. LOL

WoW! Could you get it any smaller? That has to be the neatest use of space for a layout I’ve seen.

Stick half a dozen of them together , they would fill your L space , David .

Mike M

Interesting layout!

Would it be offensive if I suggested filling the seams between the foam layers with joint compound? You can still have the relief marks but a bit of filling to hide the layers may add a bit more to the feel of the scenery.


excellant work on the land scape. I like the way the layers leave that eroded look of the desert. Nice improvment to an already unique pizza.

Mike Morgan said:
Stick half a dozen of them together , they would fill your L space , David .

Mike M

Instead of a double-decker pizza it would be more like lily pads.

Nice Vic, I love pizza with extra toppings… Is that 31’’ and 21’’ circle made of 332 rail ? it looks lower…
Maybe my wife would like a layout like that in corner of living room!!