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Portable Pizza Layout

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Portable Pizza 02

Thought I’d post a few progress pics of my portable layout, started it a year ago, and then of course got sidetracked, now I’m going to try and finish it before this years BTS. We’ll see… One evenings carving, not bad, starting to look like southwestern sandstone:)

Portable Pizza 03

Portable Pizza 04

First time I’ve tried blue foam for scenery. Still need to sand some of the rough spots down and carve the back side a bit but this was very very fast!

Interesting concept, Vic.

Given the light weight of the foam, will the finished product, buildings and all, be portable enough for one man to carry?

Why not, if he does the station and whatever other buildings with styrofoam.

As is, the station is a currently a Korber “Whistle Stop” station I bashed a while ago. I am considering a scratchbuilt “downsized” Grizzly Flats type station to fit the spot, as the other buildings on the layout will also likely have to be custom built eventually, why not the station as well? they would all be foamcore with balsa or basswood coverings. They also wouldnt be glued down but loose so they could be carried in seperatly in boxes with the train stuff.

So far its still very light for its size.

PS I watched this series if vids on Youtube, they were very helpfull.


Good videos. Thanks for sharing.

I think a couple of the middle ones are a bit repeatitive, but the first 2 and the last 3 are indispesible for this type of scenery making.


Portable Pizza 04

the buildings on top are just there for ideas, I’m still deciding what I want to do there. The Piko buildings may be OK but the HofB hotel looms a little large, I really want to build a series of very narrow buildings winding there way up the hill, so these would only be temporary anyway. Even the station would eventually be replaced. But I only have a little over one month to get this ready.

A tad more progress

I added highlight colors to the bluffs on the layout above. Going to go with 3 facades at the top with the watertank as shown, and the “house of relief” next to the water tank (eeewww!) :open_mouth: Got a bag of “Ballast” in the pet aisle of the local Theftway… dam stuff has pink “scent control crystals” in it, another had blue ones, geez well at least pink looks more southwesterny than blue. :frowning: I think if I had one full day I could finish this, fat chance I’ll have that kind of free time :wink:

you have way too much time on your hands!!

Actually its only about 1 hr a day, at most… most days its between 20-40 minutes.i have NO real time, I surprised by how far I’ve gotten this on that schedule, this is my first time with blue foam scenery building, its faaaast! :wink:

Well a hard push this weekend squeezing time in between yardwork and chores, yields results, I give you Tincan Junction

Portable Pizza 07

Tincan itself, a one horse town ans they had to borrow the horse. Still lots of little detail stuff to add, I thought this would take another month to do but it went surprisingly fast, ready for the BTS BTW this is a full dress rehersal for the big indoor layout.

Excellant colors! I think you’re ready for the big league.

Looks Great!!

            And to think that I actually thought I did not have room to have a large scale layout in Army housing!!


Update, a friend took some video of the layout at the BTS last weekend

Sorry for the dark picture, the light inside that place always plays havoc with all sorts of cameras

Very cool Vic. You did a great job on it.

Thanks, it turned out to be very popular at the show, lots of inquiries. Its still a bit big…so I was thinking for next year I might try something a bit more portable, like maybe 2x2 ???

Thats great… Now you got me thinking and gave me some ideas for a corner R.R. on patio. I don’t think I can use foam for the MT. when using plants in pots around it. Have to be able to water them often being most are house plants. But the idea it there… :smiley:

Need a break from all these “hom’impruvm’nt” projects, so… Began construction last night on building the permanant structure I had wanted to do for the BTS this year, but ran out of time for, the 3 “town” buildings were only “temps” for the show, I need them for the big layout. When I began finishing this I had planned for a mining structure on the top of the hill, so after some quick sketching I drew this up on the com’fuser: [url=


]New Structure[/url] Its a large facade that will go along the back in the same place the 3 “town” buildings were located. Construction is basswood on a foamcore backing, one nice thing about being indoors is that I can use much lighter, and much easier, construction technics, its going faster than I thought since I discovered I could cleanly cut the basswood siding with a large scissors :o Pics when I can :wink:

Anyone know why the link dont work? :frowning:


yea, too much of this stuff: