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Planter edging, and other things that get in the way of layout work

I’ve had a project going on this spring which has been getting in the way of pretty much all layout work. Am I the only one? It’s sort of garden related, and goes near the layout, so maybe it qualifies for mention here.

This drama began in 2016 when a few of our trees blew down near the neighbor’s house. This led to more trees being taken down for safety, and all of them being chopped up in short sections. The chopping was a lot cheaper than having the trees hauled away.

I used those bits to create a planter edging thing which separated the lawn from the wild stuff.

It was all fine for a couple years. But after 6 years those log bits became food for bugs and woodpeckers. I always knew I’d have to put in something permanent, and i promised my better half that this would be the year.

The solution arrived in March, in the form of 4 pallets of concrete retaining wall block from Home Depot.

Long story short, I’ve been using every rain-free weekend in April and March to clear those stinkin’ logs, rake out a new bed, put down ground cloth, and lay 2 layers of these blocks.

Yesterday saw the completion of the final section of this, woo hoo!

And I figgered where to put the extra pallet I should never have bought.

I’m very happy to have this behind me. For now.

Lesson learned: get rid of the tree trunks at the git go!!


That’s a very cool idea and it look great.

Nope. Early spring was RV repairs for the trip to PA. Once we got back, I’ve been concentrating on our back porch. Stripping the floor, replacing posts and railings. Just finished the floor stripping, now trying to get our boat ready to launch. Weeds have taken over the gardens and the RR :frowning:

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Thanks Jon, and I’m glad I’m not alone!

Nope. Among other projects is replacing some 20 year old post and rail fence with semi-privacy fence, and extending the patio at the same time.

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Wow Bob, you’re doing all that alongside your layout expansion, very impressive!

Your fencing looks great. I’ve never done brickwork like that, but what you’ve done shows you know what you’re doing.

:+1: :+1: :+1:

This is the result of two weeks of work, on and off. Old railings and planters removed. Many coats of paint (I counted 6 different colors) stripped from the redwood flooring. I’ll sand it before deciding if I stain, paint or use that deck repair paint…

And this is the pile of railings and storm doors waiting to be installed. I rotated the photo, but LSC rotated it back :frowning:

I might actually get to work on the railroad in July.


Windows and porch and RV and even a boat… A winning hand!

But I’ll see your porch and raise by two deck lighting projects… :grin:

Also guilty. I only had one more task set for me before I could start building the railway - can you get rid of that plywood & pallet deck and make ‘something nice’.

Took all summer to wrap up.

I actually started prelim set out for the track this afternoon. Just about in time for deepest winter to set in…


I only had work in my way…As an aside, I have found that with the Triple O running and looking nice, I know longer have the excuse “I don’t know how to do that!” Except for making straight saw cuts. She knows they remain outside the skills box!

Amazing deck, Neil! Beautiful material and design, wow.

Thanks Cliff, got no lights tho. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yet. :nerd_face:

Seems like a steady stream of other “must-do” projects have been keeping my intended trestle project at bay. A couple months ago I’ve discovered an access hatch was rotted, so I’m replacing that. Also dealing with rot abatement / repair in several areas.

And, due to me and neighbors altering our landscaping, I’ve been having serious erosion in a new “river” next to the layout. I started today on riprap for that, it’ll take another half day to finish.

Sean, I’ll get to the trestle someday.

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I haven’t gotten an inch of track laid because of all the fire mitigation I need to do this year.
Removed MANY large trees, and have about another month to go…

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Wow, that’s impressive! Is the state making you clear a certain radius from around your house?

Seems like too much for firewood… Are you able to sell the logs?

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How’s your deck project going Jon?

Floor all prepped. Post #1 up. Post #2 as soon as I can prime and paint the landing spot. 3 total, then paint, railings and storm door. Guests in 3 weeks. House painters started Friday amd skipped today :frowning:

Looking great Jon. What filler or rot treatment products are you using? I’m intending on using the Bondo products.

I’m using Varathene by Rustoleum from Home Depot. I dropped by Lowes today to pick up some more and some Bondo. They only carry the Minwax hardener which is a different formula. I’ve had good luck with Varathane, so I passed on the Minwax product.

I was using Bondo’s regular putty (not Body Filler), but today I picked up their fast drying putty which I have used at work. The key to working with Bondo is to keep watch of the cure and as soon as it gels, carve away excess with a razor knife or scraper which makes sanding much easier.

I’ve also been cutting out rotten board edges and milling my own Cedar patches…

Time to get to work!

P.S. If you are on Facebook, send me a friend request. I’ve been posting daily updates.

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Thanks for all that info Jon. Seems like the Varathane’s “wood hardener” might be similar to Bondo’s “Rotted Wood Restorer,” but a lot more cost effective. Good tip!