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Seems like there is still some picture posting confusion. I am offering this as a quick tutorial on how to do it. It really is simple. First we need to be clear, you do not need for your pictures to be stored online with a URL like before. The new system is capable of uploading the files directly from your computer. Thats why you can’t find a freight shed. There are two ways to accomplish it. The first is using the file upload button. That’s the rectangle with the up arrow at the top of the editing box.

You click that and then it will open your computers file storage area. Highlight your photo and hit the open button.

and that will drop the photo where the cursor is. The other method is just about the same. Make sure the cursor is where you want the photo to be placed. Then open up the folder with your picture and just drag it onto the editing box and drop it. It will place it where the cursor is.

Now over on the right is the preview box. So when you are typing in the editing box you should see it coming up in the preview box to the right. If you want to change the size of the photo you can hover over it and it will display a couple percentages:100, 75. 50. You click on one of those and it will size the photo accordingly.

Its that simple.

Doing it from your android phone is just about as easy. The only difference is that the little rectangle with the arrow is in the lower right.

After that you can go to the files folder on your phone and find where the picture is and just tap on it and it will up load. Make sure to wait until it says it has completed the upload. Once it has then you just post the message.

One major advantage that I can see to this new way of doing things is that threads will stay in tact. Because we are not uploading them to any particular personal cloud storage that means we can’t delete them from our storage site and have them come up as broken links in the threads. With the old freight shed we were limited to the amount of storage we had. So if we post a lot of pics like I do then I ran out of storage. that meant I had to do some cleaning and deleting and that led to old threads having no pictures in them. This new system uploads them to the website and unless you edit the post and delete them or Bob cleans house and deletes them they should stay put for the life of the website.

Copy and paste is also an option.

Thanks for doing this it is going to help a lot of folks.

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Wanted to test to see if I could paste a link directly from my one drive account

Are other people able to look at this photo or just me because I am signed into my account on One Drive?

I can’t see it. Well, not full size.

But I can click on the .jpg link and go to the page to see it full size.

So it does open if you click on it. Interesting. Wasn’t sure if that was an option.

I did a right click on the image on the full size screen, and copied the image address, and pasted that here.

looks like this:

Interesting. More complicated but I guess it could be an alternative if people have them stored to a cloud drive like one drive or Google drive.

i see a small pic of something that looks like Flintstone’s mining mashine.
when i click on the text beside the pic, i get a message from microsoft, that my account is closed.

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Does a photo need to be sized before uploading?

I don’t think so, Paul. The site auto-resizes it to be efficient. You should not need to.

How would I “fix” my previous old threads that are now missing photos? I don’t see an edit button on my “old” threads.

That I can’t help you with Gary. I haven’t tried that

Paul I do mine as a matter of routine. When someone clicks on the embedded picture it will open it up to its original size. If it’s a large uncompressed photo it could take awhile to open.

But since we are not storing them somewhere that limits our storage capacity then no you wouldn’t “have” to. When you drop them in, on the right side screen (preview screen) you are given an opportunity to size it between 100,75,50 percent so it looks good in the thread. Then people can click on it and see the original size.

The consideration of sizing them ahead of time is so people don’t have to wait for them to load if they have slow internet connection.

I don’t know what this thing is. It was in a yard with lots of logging equipment. My two guesses are something to use behind a skidder to hold the front of the log out of the mud to make it easier to drag or its a portable block that can be anchored to something like a tree and used for skyline (cable) logging.

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Guys, the picture is of a tracked Arch, the Arch was pulled behind a Cat. The winch on the back of the Cat ran a line up through the loop on the beam of the Arch and out through the Fairlead. The line usually had a loop on the end where 1 or more Chockers could be attached from logs. As Devon said it lifted the ends of the logs making them easier to skid.

The Clevis and Block hanging on the chain from the Fairlead is just something someone added for decoration.

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I posted a bunch of pics in a recent thread (excuse me if you already know this,) and the forum adjusted the spacing so they all have a gap and look pretty. Wow…

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Thats what i assumed it was but couldn’t come up with a name for it to google it. Everything I tried to call it didn’t result in me finding it. But what you described is exactly what I thought it was for. The block was what through me and made me think of an anchor for cable logging.

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trying to test posting a picture…