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Old Pics, New Pics

I was looking to post a new thread about my LGB 20140 and the website suggested it was similar to my old thread:

I looked and discovered the old photos were gone:

So, as I had the folder open, I decided to reload them. So I started an edit, and what do I get - the old photos from the Freightshed!

Never seen that before - but this is the first thread I have tried to reload.

And a short time later I went back to finish reloading the photos in that older thread, and found I can no longer see the original photos. Weird.

I still see them all. A security certificate issue (http: vs https:) ?

My browser is set to convert all http references to https which works great so long as the site referenced has a certificate.

We used to refer to this process as FM. i.e.MAGIC! :innocent:

Jon, I reloaded them afterwards so they are now visible.