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Official Voting for Mik's build Challenge 2023

Voting for your Favorite

Mik’s Build Challenge 2023 build.

Voting for your favorite build from this years build challenge is simple.
Voting is open to any member in good standings on LSC.

**FIRST: Goto the thread 2023 MIK's Build Challenge, Post your Photos HERE for Voting **

and look over all the great builds.

SECOND: Come back to this thread and post your votes:

If you choose to vote in private e-mail me at [email protected]

There is ONLY ONE thing to vote on, Your favorite!
For whatever the reason is doesn’t matter.
You set your own criteria.
Please list your choices for: 1st., 2nd., and 3rd.

PLEASE!!! NO TIE VOTES !! One choice for each place.

Voting will end at sunup ( really more like when I drag me lazy as$ out of bed) on

Tuesday the 21th of Feb. Thats 8 days and a weekend.

It was tough, but here are my three:
First - Vic Smith
Second - Todd Haskins
Third - Jim Rowson
Everybody did a fine job and have a nice new structure for the layout to show for it.

Sometimes the oddest thing can become a new structure. My wife bought a new watch. I looked at the box it came in and thought HUMmmmmmmmmmmmmm! It became a new tool shed,

Best, David Meashey

All the builds this year are top notch, and well done, even the 3-4 that didn’t get completely finished, are awesome!
Well done people!
So here are my votes.
3: Devon Sinsley. Even unfinished it is well made and you can see it’s going to be well done.
2: Vic Smith. The details make this look so good.
1: Todd Haskins. Just awesome build!. The ”D” door handle for the win!!!

As always its about impossible to decide on these. And this year the crowd outdid themselves as EVERY build is spectacular in its own right. Its amazing what this group can do in 30 days. But alas we must vote.

#3 Pete Lassen (his skill set grew exponentially).
#2 Todd Haskins, this was tough to decide between his doughnut shop and my
#1 Rick Marty. Todd may have gotten the nod over Rick until Rick did the interior and it looks like he walked into a butcher shop and started snapping pictures.

And i promised a certain young man extra brownie points so a definite honorable mention to the Mueller clan and specifically O.S. for his brilliant rendition of my favorite airplane the Vought F4U Corsair.

Since Dave said we can use our own criteria, and since the entries are SO HARD to pick from this year, I’m just gonna go with my gut, and (after thorough review), pick what comes to my mind first.

#1 Dave Taylor’s funeral parlor, because I love stick-built, and this is sure a classic example of that.
#2 Jim Rowson’s bank, because his wall technique and attention to detail are excellent, and have a very enjoyable feel about them.
#3 Wayne Powell’s Gasoline Fuel Island, because of clever repurposing of materials, doing a great job, and soldiering ahead even though new to our (sometimes oddball) gang.

Rick’s masterpiece is just that… Team Triple-O really outdid themselves… Devon’s siding and windows came out great… all the other entries have such amazing work behind them…

Amazing stuff. Thanks everyone for such great work, and for all the inspiration that comes with it.


All the builds this year are very, very good and that makes this so difficult. I would love to pick all of them as #1, but Dave said only 3, so …

  1. Rick Marty’s meat market
  2. Todd Haskin’s Dunkin Doughnuts
  3. Vic Smith’s Juan More Tacos
  1. Rick Marty
  2. Todd Haskins
  3. Vic Smith

Who do I have to bride around here to get a vote? :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  1. Cliff’s museum project.
    Oh wait wrong program. :joy:
  1. Todd Haskins
  2. Rick Marty
  3. Devon Sinsley

Another Mik’s Build Challenge is finished and as always it was terrific to see the imaginations and talents of the participants shine.
It is always difficult to choose the winners but here goes.

1 Rick Marty and his Meat Market
2 Devon Sinsley
3 Dave Taylor

Great job everyone and for those that did not finish in time do keep up the good work and post the completed build for us soon.

Great work … very hard to pick…

  1. Todd Haskins
  2. Rick Marty
  3. Devon Sinsley

Once again so hard to choose, even the DNFs are great. So…

  1. Rick Marty, that interior just sold it.
  2. Todd Haskins, just barely, barely behind Rick, I want some donuts now.
  3. Jim Rowson, I want to try that wall technic myself now.

HM: Pete Lassen
Spirit of Mik goes to Eric Mueller and crew, you guys are having too much fun, Mahalo :grin:

This is always so tough to do.

  1. Rick Marty
  2. Todd Haskins
  3. Mueller Clan ( Team Effort ++ )

I agree this is always very difficult to vote. I’m voting with spirit of Mik in mind as always.

1…Todd Haskins ( just over the top with a simple structure and the right paint/signage)
2…Jim Rowson ( basic & earthen materials with a neat overall look)
3…Pete Lassen ( Like Devon stated Pete your skill level has greatly increased and only gonna get better)
4… Spirit of Mik to the Mueller Clan…(the harbor scene is fantastic with a lot of action included)

#1 - Rick Marty - Love the Detail
#2 - Todd Haskins - Love the whimsy and video effort
#3 - VicSmith - Love the concept

Well the build threads show a vast amount of model building talent! I enjoyed reading the builds and learning the many different techniques. With the voting criteria wide open, here are my choices.

  1. Eric Mueller - Having the family working together on their build is wonderful! I applaud their effort and expect to see them soon excel in their building skills.

  2. Dave Taylor - His wood made model of a wooden building is fantastic. I hope sometime I can build a model from wood half as good as his.

  3. Jim Rowson - His build is unique. Stone for stone, another real world build. I hope to try this modeling technique also.

Thank you all for letting me join in this forum and play along!

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Just like everyone else, I’m having a hard time choosing between all the great builds.

My #1 Needs to go to Rick Marty. His exterior brick work and earthquake reinforcement is fantastic. The interior detail put it over the top.

For #2 I’ll throw a dart at a spinning wheel; the dart landed on Todd Haskins. The D Door handle detail really makes it authentic looking :grin:

Finally, My #3 is Clan Mueller. It’s always entertaining to see their skills progress and how well Dad keeps them on task. A fun project!

I also really liked Vic’s taco stand. Dave’s all stick-built building will be awesome when finished and I can’t wait to see the final results of Dan’s ambitious School house effort. Devon showed us all how well 3D printing can be integrated with traditional methods. The Burke looks great, even unfinished.

Sitting on the sidelines I felt a little left out this year, but I just couldn’t come up with something I wanted to build. I did have fun keeping up with all the builds.

#1 I have to go with Todd Haskin’s Dunkin’ Doughnuts The drive through set the whimsy
#2 Pete Lassen. The improved skill set in the build spoke volumes
#3 Clan Mueller The steady growth of skill sets shined with each members contribution of the whole.

Rick Your build was just so over the top in details I’d have placed an order if there had been product in the show case
Another fantastic year of excellent participation :sunglasses:

We spent a good 30 minutes reviewing the photos today as a group. Most of the clan had reviewed them on their own earlier, too. I am not sure how @Dave_Taylor wants to tally our score (average? individual votes? CINCHOUSE’s votes only (how it works here, anyway)?), but here we go:

  • CINCHOUSE: #1 Todd Haskins Dunkin Donuts; #2 Jim Rowson’s Bank of Durango; #3 Vic Smith’s Juan More Taco
  • Yours Truly: #1 Dave Taylor’s Doctor / Undertaker building; #2 Rick Marty’s Butcher Shop; #3 Vic Smith’s Juan More Taco
  • O.D.: #1 Jim Rowson’s Bank of Durango; #2 Todd Haskins Dunkin Donuts; #3 Devon Sinsley’s Burke Hotel
  • Y.D.: #1 Todd Haskins Dunkin Donuts; #2 Pete Lassen’s Babs River Bank; #3 Rick Marty’s Butcher Shop
  • O.S.: #1 Todd Haskins Dunkin Donuts; #2 Vic Smith’s Juan More Taco; #3 Dan Hilyer’s School House
  • Kid-zilla: #1 Todd Haskins Dunkin Donuts; #2 Jim Rowson’s Bank of Durango; #3 Dan Hilyer’s School

There was a clear crowd favorite in our local results, but the compliments were plentiful all around and there were a few changed votes along the way!

Congratulations to all who participated and “Mahalo! (Thank you!)” for the teaching and encouragement as we cut and glued our way towards the finish and the kind words of praise as we crossed the line!

On Behalf of Team Mueller,