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North Idaho exploring 2022

This year our family group headed north up the N. Fork Coeur d’ Alene river. Myself, brother and two nieces with their hubbies.

This is a N, S, E, and W view from Cougar Mt. 52 Mile ride.


You are up in Devon Sinsley’s corner of the universe. Beautiful scenery!

Yes, Devon has probably fly fished the N. Fork. It is a world class stream with trophy Cut Throat trout. Barbless hooks, catch and release only.

Super cool. Did you use a rental place, or is your clan just into off-roading?

We camped on the N Fork for 5 days near Cataldo, ID. with our campers, trailers, etc. Had good campfires, food and tall tales besides riding.

Very cool!

But did you rent the ATV’s, and if so, how?

(Your photo inspired me to check ATV rentals in Carson City… for a full day, around $650, but they deliver and retrieve it from your trailhead).

But sounds like y’all just own them and the trailers to haul them, which is awesome!!

Cliff, we own it all. We have been exploring the back country for almost ten years now.

Wow, you get the Dude Award

Jealous in Maryland…