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North East Large Scale Train Show 2023

The NELSTS web site is now live.

It is still a little sparce in content but appparently they will be adding to it in the comming weeks.


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Live, but some broken links :frowning_face:

Looking forward to it.

Thanks Stan!

Jon, the link worked for me. Didn’t you eat your Wheaties this morning?


I didn’t mean Stan’s link, that’s fine. Some of the links on the website get 404 errors. I tried to report them, but the feedback link is also broken :open_mouth:

I wonder if there’s an Alcove we can shanghai?

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If there is you damn well better post PICS !

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These are probably the best spots to consider as an alcove. Reserve early!
young building


Nice! Where did you find a floor plan? I went looking on the Expo’s website and could find all the specs, but no floor plan. Oh, looks like maybe from the show website.

That’s the floor plan from the All scales show.

Ask Stan he may get you a place, are you on the list for Sunday meets?

Well, looks like it’s going to be official. LSC has a spot for a drag-n-brag at the show. Looks like we’ll have five or six tables. Now to see what I’m gonna need.

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Bob, are you saying tables for an on-site Alcove? Or tables for an (off-site?) DnB? Or…?

I really need to start now on arranging permission for this…

On site, in the hall. An alcove-drag-n-brag kind of combination.

This’ll be great!


Awesome. Thanks Bob.

One note - They are very strict on sales tax in the hall so any private buy/sell transactions would need to happen elsewhere. No reason things can’t be displayed, but no “trade” table.

This is great news. i have several things to share.


Yea, that’s a VERY good point. They’re pretty adamant about it, to the point of shutting down dealers (that happened, what, maybe 10 years ago that I remember?)

That’s interesting. The vendors myself and fellow club members dealt with at the last show didn’t charge tax. It was like a “Flea Market”. :grinning:

Not so sure they audit to see that tax was charged, rather they require dealers to possess a MA sales tax collection certificate.

Jon is correct, i have seen the tax folks visit vendors prior to the show.

Al P.

Greetings All. John Sacerdote here. So many questions and comments, I appreciate all of them. Let me help with some facts and requests:

  • is live. If you find any broken links please let us know. The email area on the front page is not working yet (apologies)…on the contact us page, it is working.

  • there will be a map soon…The map that has been shown is that of the RHS and location of tables. Use that for now to see the size of the building and the location of food, restrooms and clinic areas. I am just waiting to see who will be joining us. Many Mfgrs and dealers so far, but waiting to see how much space they will need (first shows are so much fun!)

  • with regard to tax in Massachusetts, if you sell, you need to collect tax. That said, the DOR folks are very food in that they will issue you a tax number if you do not have one, for free. In all my years (25+) they have never shut anyone down and they never do audits that I am aware of.

  • we are not competing with the ECLSTS. Personally, I would never to that. We are simply trying to boost/promote the hobby to reach more folks in the greater Northeast who cannot travel down to Dan and the ECLSTS, which I have been to and enjoyed.

Thanks all for your continued comments. never hesitate to contact me directly.