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North East Large Scale Train Show 2023

John, glad to have you onboard, Welcome.

Al P.

CINCLANTHOUSE (ok, shameless borrow from Eric) gave me the green light, woo hoo!

I’ve been wanting to head up there for years to see all your yankee layouts. :grin:

This is shaping up to be a sort of “big” trip for me, and I’m planning on the following:

  • 4/26 WED Drive up
  • 4/27 THU Visit a layout or two
  • 4/28 FRI Show
  • 4/29 SAT Show
  • 4/30 SUN Visit a layout or two
  • 5/01 MON Drive home (thanks Rooster, no, it’s not a year-long trip… :laughing:)

Since I haven’t squared this away yet at work, the above may get cut back to Saturday being show / layout, and Sunday driving home.

Questions abound:

  • Bob, Stan, Jon, Al, anyone I’ve missed (sorry!), are any of you guys planning an open house on 4/27 or 4/30, now that the show is a go?
  • I’ve lost the info on what towns you guys are located in, dang… can someone remind me?
  • Mainly, I’d like to secure a hotel somewhere in the center of the activity. Any thoughts on what a semi-central town might be?
  • AND… drum roll… any thoughts on a Thursday or Friday evening EBS or DNB at a local hotel? Or, at least a get-together of some sort, maybe just at a trashable restaurant? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I think Stan is planning on an ops session on Sunday. I was thinking of having an open house of sorts in the afternoon on 4/27.

Both Stan and I are about 90 minutes east of where the show will be.

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You staying for a year ? Drive home Monday 4/1/2024?

I would say swing by and pick me up but that is graduation weekend for the boy.

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Thanks Rooster, ya always got a sharp eye. I edited my itinerary accordingly. :grin:

This is sounding really good! Thanks Bob!

Since the show is a Friday, Saturday Show, they are orginazing layouts to be open on Sunday for those traveling from the show. Layouts open on Thursday for those going to the show is actually a good idea as well.

Bob is correct.Our layout is rather large and it takes several crews runing trains to be enjoyable for visitors, Because of this Deb and I decided that having an ops session on Sunday would be fun.

If you are going to the show and would like to operate Sunday let us know and we wil reserve a slot for you,


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I don’t have anything planned. I am a 15 minutes North of I-84 Exit 6WB or 5EB. A long way from the show, but possibly on your route Wednesday or Monday.

If there are others passing by give me a shout.

So I was talking to Don Sweet today and he mentioned having an area with tables and encouraging folks like myself to bring and display custom built models. At the time I didn’t make the connection but almost sounds as if they want to take DNB beyond LSC. :thinking:

I think it’s more like that the DnB is now an official event! It always was a huge draw at the York show hotel, a couple years we had over 100 people.

Wow! I always assumed the models displayed were brought by LSC folks only.

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They mostly are, but we always had non-LSC people wander by too, just to see what all the hubbub is.

Dan, it sounds like Don S is involved in organizing the show?

If so, It would be cool to know some particulars… like, if the display area is a go, how it’s to be monitored for security, whether they provide labels, any rules on max entries or size, whether models have to be taken away the evening between the days, whether there’s a contest, etc.

Probably premature to ask all that, but if I knew the guy I’d ask about this stuff, and encourage it to be all it can.

And… of course there’s the BIG ASS ELEPHANT in the COAT CLOSET… are we / can we plan some sort of dinner event on, say, Friday the 28th? Or, since there is a long drive involved after for some of us, how about a nice fat Dutch treat LSC lunch blowout on the 28th? Or…?


The display area is the ‘alcove/drag-n-brag’ set of tables they are providing for LSC. It’s up to us to decide how to monitor it, what we’ll need, etc.

I’m not sure how much Don is involved with the particulars of the show. He just has his finger on the pulse of the hobby! I see Bob answered about the tables. As far as food is concerned, I highly recommend the Steaming Tender in Palmer.

Roger that, BD!!


I always loved the alcove at York! Got to see the “old guys” I was the kid for a few years and then thank the “Lord” that Shawn Viggiano came along and became the new kid! I also loved the Aristo modeling contest. I was wary at first but it opened up connections/relationships with manufactures,suppliers and vendors for me.
“Back in the day in the hood”

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I should be there at the CCTGG booth and possibly the BTOC. I have a few things I am bringing to sell.