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New Site Testing

Looks like things went mostly-ok overnight. We’ll see how the morning goes.


Just trying out a post


Seems to be a simple markup language eh?

Uploading image

Paste image

On my iPhone using chrome

Video link

Pasted image from Imgur

From iPad


Drag/paste image:

Oooo. Me Likeee.

I see you guys found the new site

Just seeing if the insert image is as simple as I hope. A little something I am working on right now. It is, that’s a lot better than it used to be. Nice upgrade Bob, thank you. Max


testing link created by drag-n-drop via firefox:

Looks like Bob has fixed at least one “missing photo” issue!

I guess it’s time I tried out posting! let’s see if I can figure out how to post a picture from my web storage.

I used Image tags. In the preview it just show a link.

Also noted my signature images are blank on new posts.

So for this edit, drag & drop from another window?

And that works - So maybe just don’t use tags.

And one more edit to say the signature fix was easy. Source images imported as HTTP. I changed them to HTTPS and it’s all good now!

I might as well get in on this!

Thanks for all the work you put in to make THIS happen Bob.

Well done. Take some time for you and Martha.


:ok_hand: :+1: :eye: :tumbler_glass: :wink: :yum: :trumpet: :banjo: :us_outlying_islands: :us:


Testing embed code

Well embed didn’t work but a copy paste of the URL does

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There are still issues around the https settings that I need to resolve. This will be the priority for me to fix as we move forward, as that is preventing further progress on making sure the freight shed files are visible.

Stay tuned.

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Mentioning a broken link (I think). Click the Hamburger next to your avatar in the upper right corner and the top item in the drop down is "FAQ’. When I clicked on the FAQ link, the wheelie just kept going 'round and 'round. Had to kill the tab and re-enter LSC.

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testing to put up a pic