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New Site Software (No longer a Sneak Peek)

You are doing a great job. Tally-ho! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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One small glitch that I find is on the main page. It shows “Unread(1)” and it’s always the same one.
Under the articles section it goes to the start of my build log and nothing’s been posted on that since Aug 2019.
" A Raised Road Bed: A build log for the RGS raised layout."

Yea, for some reason “new” doesnt seem to clear itself. You need to press the “Dismiss New” button on that page. :man_shrugging:

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Okie dokie!
Thanks, Bob.

Been working on the integration with the chat engine, and I have an update that I want to roll out in the next few days. It should take care of some? most? of the login issues, and should also allow your avatar to show up in chat.

Rebuilding the site takes about 15 minutes, so Ill probably do this early Saturday morning.

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Still having problems with seeing attached photos on many posts, check this:

The link is:

Further down I can see photos such as:

Is the issue with “”, or permission differences between users, or ???
It seems some people can see them, and others can’t…

Thanks, found those and uploaded.

Like the way this worked out

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Looked good from our side too. Thanks again @BD

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I need to reboot and rebuild the site to set up a couple features. I will be rebuilding the site at 3pm Eastern today. Should be back up about 10 minutes later.


And, we’re back live. Sorry for the interruption.

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I almost had withdrawals

I was worried!!
You should send a text and email alert before doing that next time​:joy::joy::joy:

I just discovered a new (to me) feature that would help eliminate cross-posting. When someone else is editing a post, but has not yet sent it, their icon appears in the lower left below the last post:


I like the Christmas lights on the header, this is really turning out to be a great change Bob!!!

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One of the major upsides of using site software with a dedicated team of people supporting it, and a large group writing plugins and customizations for it, is the sheer width and depth of what’s available for upgrades/changes/etc. The Christmas lights is fun, but its great that someone thought it was worthy enough to actually release it.


Bob, Is there any way to upload a Word document including pictures so as to minimize online time when posting a construction post?


Have you tried copying the entire word doc and pasting it into the post editor? I bet that will do a decent job…

I wonder if saving the word doc as HTML or ‘for the web’ will do it. I know you can copy a complete article from one website to the other, including pics. (That’s how a few of mine end up on MLS.)

Very festive, BD! I like the Santa hats. How does the software decide who gets them?