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New Layout - New Reckless Experimentation

New Indoor Layout - New Reckless Experimentation I have been reluctant to post this, mostly as I’m still just experimenting with this more than anything, but I have been working on a small switching layout, using a portion of the old benchwork left over from the old layout: It’s based on an N gauge micro I came across a few years ago:

I have been feeling alot of regret after dismantling the large fixed layout, but I still know it was the right thing to do, it was just too large and ate up too much of the garage, but I found less satisfaction with just the pizza than I was hoping for, I was looking thru some old files and found this layout I had done for a friend who was retiring and looking for a small bedroom layout. He didn’t use it as he found room outside for a small layout, but I became intrigued if it would fit in the garage, laid it out and it fit very very nicely into the back corner. I extended it a little but it worked out well. I already had all the lumber, plywood and hardware laying around so a little bit of carpentry and the benchwork was built in a couple evenings. The track also was what I already had in storage, so far aside from some electrical wiring stuff and some connectors I haven’t spent a dime on this. I still to make a hinge assembly and rail connectors with the lift-up bridge. This will be a much more urban themed layout this time, going to keep it simple this time maybe even go as more akin to Dave Barrow’s Domino approach where the scenery is Spartan almost to the point of being barren, while the track and operations aspect takes precedent over scenery aspects. I want to have something fun to run trains on but want to avoid creating something so involved that if I have to remove it again it gets very destructive to do so I might experiment with just painted scenery and façade only buildings, we’ll see. Trackwork is complete, electrical testing is underway, so far so goode, I will shoot the track with a coat of flat black spray paint. Need to think about an Ops system. Keep it simple to start. There are buildings to build, and scenery to paint, I also have to take 2 small 0-27 layouts and mash them into 1 small but don’t expect fast progress, this is a slower motion experiment. Pics when I can.

Nice Vic. I was wondering when you were going to start posting on this layout. Looks like a fun layout to play with plus it lets you just sit a run trains if you want or do switching. Cant wait for pics.

Good to see you’ll be building again :slight_smile:
Just don’t tell me when it comes time for the demolition :wink:

That should be fun to operate! For buildings, you might want to take a look at just printing them out:

Some construction pics: Fiddle Yard area


These were taken back when I was doing the benchwork. Need to upload current pics tonight.

WOW! Fiddle yard. I haven’t heard of that since I gave up OO/HO some ten years ago. lol

Anyway Vic, that layout you have commenced looks like it has great possibilities. I hope it fulfills your dreams.


Cant wait for more.

Pics of the layout so far


Fiddle Yard:

Lift bridge:

I like it so far Vic.

Wow so much in such a small space!
I like it.
Good work Vic.
Hardly wait to see how this pans out.

That’s inspiring Vic. I need to build more storage shelves so I can clear my yard tracks and be able to have some fun indoors when it’s too hot (or cold, or wet) to play outside.

Updated track plan showing changes from original layout

Some actual progress on the indoor layout, been making flats for the backdrop area: Piko facade reworked:

Upland Trains resin building cut up into a facade flat, used the rest elsewhere.


and the rest of the building:

In place with the House of Balsa hotel and the reworked cheap dollhouse model:

heres the rest of the Piko building converted to flats:


and part of the Upland Trains resin building:

I found 2 ceramic facades made in Mexico as tourist souveniers, they are perfect for LS Heres one:

Heres the other with the Piko flat and a flat from a company called Backshop

Lastley here is another older Piko flat and a test of where the rest of the Upland flats will go:

and the last of my old Piko flats from the previous layout, should have kept more but oh well:

Begun the first of the total scratchbuilt buildings remaining, they will be foamcore with various coverings.

More on that as it gets done.

Nice vic. Glad to see the layout getting started.

The Odds and Ends store is named after Carl Arendt, I presume? Damn shame when he passed away. A nice touch, Vic.


Looking good Vic. I sent a copy of the Odds and Ends storefront to John Poole of Upland Trains.

Thanks Doug, saves me an email :wink: when I bought it, they said send a picture in once it was done.

Steve, yes, a small memerium to someone who’s work gave me alot of ideas and inspiration.

I was asked on MLS where I got all the signs I used,

From the Model Railroader forum:

48 pages of FREE signs :smiley:

So that’s what you needed my spare windows for? Hope they worked out!