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NELSTS 2024 (was: Large Scale Show in April)

Thought I’d give this it’s own space.

you going to make it there this year ?

Saturday, April 27 and Sunday, April 28, 2024

Eastern States Exposition – The Young Building

West Springfield, Massachusetts

not sure at this point but it is a possibility :sunglasses:

hope so, it’s been a while. don’t forget your right hand man.

Thanks David. Wish I could go, it was a hoot last year, and it’s only gonna get better I’m sure.

I’ll post on the other April show.

We plan on being there. I need to shoot him an email and make sure we have a space…

Me too. I suppose I should start thinking about an overnight stay.

Just checked rates - they are up quite a bit.

@Cliff_Jennings Do you remember where we stayed last year? It was OK.

I think they were shut down last year after you guys vacated? I’m actually surprised you didn’t steal the brass fixtures on the left!

I think it was a Red Roof Inn?

Yea, it was, I stayed there too. It was reasonable.

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Yep - That was it. Just booked a room for Saturday night.

Interesting that I joined AARP last fall, so I thought I might get a better rate. Nope. But joining Red Roof Rewards got a 15% discount!


We are going to the show, it’s a three hour ride one way, not sure if we will stay over night. The web site says they have clinics, they don’t have a schedule yet. I have two questions. One what are the clinics about ? Two are they worth going to ?

They are still working out the schedule for the clinics. Last year Nancy Norris gave several great clinics, Don Sweet gave clinica on RC install and I gave a clinic on operations.

This year I believe Don is giving a clinic, I am giving a clinic on building turnouts and I have not heard from Nancy yet.


@Stan_Ames or Richard -

Do you know if there will be a club swap table again this year? I have several items I think it’s time to move off the roster. Never too early to start preparing!

The White Elephant table? It’s advertised on the site.

Dan - That page is from last year Posted: 2023-04-17

I didn’t realize that until I scrolled down and say the new product announcement for Bachmann’s Dash 9 then noticed the post dates.

BUT - That post date might be meaningless as the item about the banquet has the same post date, but lists this years date in the post :open_mouth:

SO - Still not sure.

Yes, They have been updating the site but you can tune in to the Large Scale Live show on Sunday to find out for sure.


We again will be having a white elephant table at the NELSTS in 2024

One change. Users who desire to sell more then 1/2 table worth will need to purchase a 1/2 table from the show and manage their own sales


Just grabbed a room for Fri and Sat. Need to get some more stuff for the D&B space, like tablecloths and a better way to mount the signs.