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NELSTS 2024 (was: Large Scale Show in April)

Table cloths need to be treated with fire resistance treatment, or be of fire resistant material.

Al P.

Yep, I’m using a vendor that we’ve used at a couple of companies.

So wish I could come! Last year I came home with a van full of stuff from the white elephant and the many vendors selling used stuff (I’m cheap), and a few selling new. What a blast!!

Bob, Jon, Stan, Deb, Sean, Al, Dan, and other wonderful folks, it was so great seeing you either again or for the first time last year, especially after so long a hiatus since York.

I think it was a bold move to have this show last year, and I seriously hope that this next one really sees a deserved attendance for visitors and vendors. I’ll look forward to the sitreps from y’all, and hope to be there next year.


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The map of the building and vendor list is up at the show site. looks like some significant rearranging was done and there are a lot of new vendors on the list. looks like we have 5 tables to fill.

Al P.

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Better use of our space. We had a lot of empty area.

We are excited it will be our first time. Will we get a map when we get there or should I print one?

there is a show guide that will include the map and vendor list i believe, like the big show that will be available when you get your tickets.

Okee dokey. Table coverings are in, and I have a better way to mount the signs than just tying them to the tables like I did last year. Looks like I’m about ready.

What color did you get so I know what to wear? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Off-white, so your wedding dress should be fine.

I get it that Dan has some… er… differences, and that’s fine, we all have something interesting about us, and that’s what makes LSC great. At last year’s after-show gig, we were all a big happy fam, and Dan was quite relaxed. Here’s a candid shot from that event, when he was telling us about that transplant. He sure had us rolling, haha!!

What I’m having trouble with though is picturing him in the dress… But hey, we’re cool. Just need pics.



I sometimes joke that I should wear the horse head mask to the shows so folks will recognize me! Last year at the NELSTS, The club forgot to get me a badge so gave me one for someone who was not able to attend. I had fun the first day introducing myself as Jenny.

Bob, maybe we should chip in and help Dan out…

Oh boy a gofundme page for ID purposes. :sunglasses: :innocent: :rofl:

One year at the old ECLSTS in York, Bob, and Company, robed one of the lads when they “Captured” him at breakfast in the hotel restaurant. So, at the Show, later in the day, “The Fat Friar” toured the show in company with the Aristo Bear, collecting for some children’s charity…fun was had by all…yes he was wearing sandals, and bare legged…!!!
The robes are still hanging in his cupboard waiting for a suitable event in the future. If I remember correctly, Ken Brunt, and Bart Salmons had something to do with that episode…!!
Ben T. Conrod

Um OK Cliff but this is actually me. No photoshop. I bought the mask to see how Apache (Our pony) would react. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

and, how did it react?

And speaking (writing?) of the word Apache. You always know it is Indian Summer when you look out the window in the morning and see Apache fog!

Ducking and weaving, David Meashey

As I remember, He mimicked me when I bobbed my head. I think we have a video somewhere. I’ll see if I can find it. It was back in 2007.


What photo ops!

  • You with the mask, at the LSC DnB table, explaining your excellent model(s) to passersby…
  • Maybe another shot of you and the gang in the background, while someone else explains their great model…
  • Shots with you at other layouts, pointing out your cars there…
  • Or, drum roll, fee-based shots with kids!

Manimal the Iron Horse, mascot of NECLTS! Yes, it works! Just need to get a logo on your overalls.

And maybe a chilled-air respirator, must be hot in there…

So go for it!! I can’t be there, but rest easy; my agency fees are comparatively low.

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :crazy_face: :grin: