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N Scale Microlayout Waste of Time

Given that most of the summer has been hiding in the back room, I decided to finish this, started last winter but after my flex track laying went disastrously bad, I had shelved the basic work. I came back to it after finding N sectional track from Tomix Japan that was almost the same diameter. I now know why the N guys love this stuff, it is flawless. Anyway with track good it was on to scenery. This uses foam ‘project board’ from Home Depot. This is to date. More to come IF I can simplify the picture transfer from my phone. :wink:

Meh, posting pics from the phone doesn’t really work, had to use the Tablet for these.

Re re edit with pic from the Album’s after the MLS debacle.

Very nicely done with impressive rock work. Doc Tom

Looking good Vic.(

do you use a microscope for building that?

Vic, always enjoy seeing your creations!


Nice one.

Vic your a sadistic bastard and I am not even going to apologize for the language. Micro G scale is one thing but trying to fit n scale in the smallest possible is just nuts. You know if you build a micro TT scale you might be able to get it to fit in a tea cup.

Why stop at TT? There is always Z and T.

And S and O, and then there is On30, Sn2 and HOn30 and…

seems, he changed from pizza size to personal pizza size.

Too big. Go to 1:220. Plus, you missed an opportunity for some alliteration. ItZa piZZa Zscale layout. You put some ZebraZ in the barn and you’re all Zet.

No way, N is at very least still affordable, I can get stuff cheap, Z is nuts expensive, and T has kinda dried up even in Japan. The only reason I continued this after my flex track fiasco was that I got the preballasted track from Japan in this really tight radius. No more flex-track for me in N.

Z is getting cheaper Vic, come one let me show you ha ha!


Mark Hadler said:

Why stop at TT? There is always Z and T.

Yeah what he said. I meant T not TT. Thanks for the clarification Mark

This layout fits on an Aristo flat car…

Looks good Vic. Now that’s an idea Greg. He can do a micro within a micro. Micro Z in a micro G scale pizza.

While I like Z, the track had better be the pre-ballasted stuff like Kato or Tomix, I am done with Flextrack in anything smaller than HO, nothing but trouble on micros.

OK now that would be cool a Z pizza on a flat car going around a G pizza. Vic get on that.

Devon Sinsley said:

OK now that would be cool a Z pizza on a flat car going around a G pizza. Vic get on that.

Sure, just as soon as someone provides me with the flatcar, the Z track, the Z train, and the Z powerpack (’t I ever mention that I’m a poor boy?) (

I’ll donate the flat car (