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N Scale Microlayout Waste of Time

Maybe you are in luck. I was out in the shed looking for the 4’ brass starter loop of track and found a partial box of flex track, in Z!

660 mm long ea. in NS. My Amtrak train; engine and 6 cars could be a moving circle! But no you can’t have the train or power, but I will give you a section of track for the postage.

I still have your address from the caboose transaction.

I converted the steam loco to a Nn3 model of old RGS #20!


Edit; sweet talk me and I’ll solder it in a circle for ya, I’ll just put a stronger lens in my Optivisor.

Thank John but not now, got too many irons in the fire.


My micro effort will be a circle of “N” track mid-way around a potted Christmas pine tree. Likely, the diameter will be 22" or 11" radius curves.

Question: Is KATO N gauge ballasted track equally as good as TOMIX - I was not able to find it online. Forget a train store anywhere near La Mirada now that the La Mirada store is defunct.



Kato is excellent but I do not believe it comes in really tight radius. That’s why I am using the Tomix. Buying on eBay from Japan has been hassle free.

Need to upload a few new pics…This and another small surprise.

Greg Elmassian said:

This layout fits on an Aristo flat car…

Greg, you and Vic have inspired me. I’m going to recreate my layout in miniature on a HLW flatcar in Z :slight_smile:

Cool Dan, please post progress pics

The small track is Rokuhan, and it is cheap and pre-ballasted.

You can use a 9v battery to run the loco.


Interesting! I’ve never heard of Rukukan until now

PS I was able to reload one of the original layout pics on the first post.

Found a more recent pic showing the town underway, this is actually a bit farther along today as the foam has been painted and the town is finished and its ready for landscaping. My workbench relocation has stalled due to problems finding places to temporarily store all the boxes. Sheesh we need to have a garage sale!