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N. Idaho 2023

A few Pics from a recent outing. This time south of Cataldo down to the St Joe River.

Gathering a few Huckle berries.

Fire tower ruins.

Couple of Meese

St Joe River


What was the pucker factor on that shelf road?

While in Colorado last week we decided to take our rental RAV-4 over the pass between Como and Breckenridge. It is a fairly good dirt road that mostly follows the old roadbed of the Denver South Park & Southern up and over Boreas Pass. It was an easy drive, but Marilyn got pretty nervous a few times!

Just a few pics from that trip…


Jon, my first ledge was worse than that one. My wife held her hands over her eyes. She’s used to it now. Take it slow, hug the inside and don’t look down. (Even though I do sometimes).
I would love to spend some time in Colorado, but the years are catching up to me. I stay pretty much close to home.

Awesome John. I have not had the best back country year. In fact it’s been a bust. I did finally drive to Spinkop rocks and that is a cool spot to get vertigo. And I did a bit of fishing early on. And my one and only attempt at backpacking was a bust.

But I have not given up. Over Columbus Day weekend I am taking 4 days to hike the St Joe Wild and Scenic trail between Heller Cr and Spruce Tree. Four days with a backpack, a fly rod, and my doggo.

Glad to see you were able to get out and enjoy Iowa. It’s a great state. Everyone should visit and move to Iowa. And huckleberries. Idaho gold. While at Spinkop we picked about 2 gallons. They are in the freezer. My son and his girlfriend are gonna come over for Huckleberry Daquries and huckleberry cheesecake.

Might have to add that to my Colorado bucket list


Don’t forget Pennsyltucky

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