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Problems with LSC hosted photos?

I’ve noticed on a few posts so far images being blank outline or in some cases the image filename in a colored box.

Might just be me. My internet has been weird for a few days.

This post has examples…

Jon, the pictures show fine here on my computer…


I am not aware of any errors, and the pictures in that thread show fine for me as well. :man_shrugging:

They work for me as well.

I have experienced this issue on other postings at times. The post will talk about a picture or someone will post a comment on a supposed pic that was posted but I can’t see it. I have learned that if I click on the original post that says it has a picture the pic will normally open in a new tab. Then most of the time from then on the pic will open normal if I return to the thread. Always use Chrome and Firefox

Well it must be my provider, or my path to AWS which is where I think LSC photos are hosted It went away the next day but is back today.


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It appears that my Kaperski Anti-Virus is thinking there is a data leak, so it blocks the photos…

Detected at: 9/18/2023 10:22:18 PM

Web address: https://com-largescalecentral.s3.dualsta%3C…%3E

Blocked: by Web Anti-Virus

Reason: threat of data loss

Detection method: Cloud Protection

I have not been able to figure a way to add LSC as an exception or disable the protection. Odd.

That seems like an overly broad rule. That’s simply a bucket of photo data. Not sure why they’d classify it as data loss.

Jon, I had trouble with Kaperski a couple years back and got rid of them no trouble since.