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My latest distraction, personal pan size Pizza

My latest distraction, after reworking the portable I had a bunch of bluefoam, wood and a 21" circle just laying around, I hate that, so I thought I’d try throwing them together …Still mucking about with it, maybe one day I’ll actually be able to take it to a show somewhere

(2017 edit) current pic as MLS lost all the progress build pics

Cool :slight_smile:

That would be fun at a show.

Vic, you need to make a 2-2-2-2 triplex to run on that at shows… with the crummy rail an inch from the pilot

Your good vic. I like

Vic, I like that, it is cool.

Me likey, too.

Began fooling around with this again. Need to finish this and get it squared away. I ended up removing the foam below the track as it was just too bulky to easily move about. All the foam from the track up is still there. The power pack has been moved to the fascia boards. Pics as soon as I can take’em. :wink:

Amazing Vic. I like it!

Updates to the Personal Pan Pizza I want to finish this one up so heres the layout to date:

The last picture is the true color, some reason the camera color shifts with the flash. The bridge is now over a small wash and I’m going to do a small town/mine at the top, just something fun. Added ball bearing wheels to the caboose, they work so good on this kind of track now I have to replace all the other shorty car with BBs. Guess I can always sell the metal wheels to subsidize the task.

Dawww it’s cute. :smiley:

Nice work [email protected] You seem to be the master of foam!!! A foam-master. :wink:

Show organizer: “I’m sure there’s a mistake here. You need a space 2 ft by 2 ft for your G gauge layout?”

Tom Ruby said:
Show organizer: "I'm sure there's a mistake here. You need a space 2 ft by 2 ft for your G gauge layout?"
Tom, I tried to see if the SWGRS might be interested in having the Portable Pizza at the show, they asked me to send some pics, I did and a link to the building logs..... and then never heard back.

Guess I got my answer, a simple decline would have sufficed :wink:

David Hill said:
Nice work [email protected] You seem to be the master of foam!!! A foam-master. ;-)
Better dat dan a 'foamer'

First building finished: Foam core with wood overlay, Precision Products doors/windows. Next a small (very small) hotel/bar

Really nice! And really yellow!

Victor Smith said:
First building finished


Gotta admit, I like a dry goods store advertising all sorts of wet goods. Does Carrie Nation know about this? (But seriously, Mr Smith, I admire your minspace constructions)

awsome as always Vic. Hows the outdoor one going?

Thanks, the hotel is underway, even little buildings are quite large is LS

Shawn if you mean the museum themed layout, thats not going to happen until we get the fence replaced.

Chris, Carrie Nation would get a coronary trying to hike up the hill, only to find its all sodie-pop ads :wink: