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My indoor layout

I have been working on my indoor layout for a while. I currently have a loop around the room with about 90 ft of main line. I had planned on doing full scenery on 2 walls 20 ft by 25 ft and just not worrying about the rest. Son here is what I have so far…


Nice ! :slight_smile: I really like that “cutaway” turntable !


I am in the process of adding another loop to the layout. I just built an addition the the back of the house as a work shop. This will help me keep some of the dust out of the layout room.

So I was able to move all of my work benches out of the layout room. which now opens a large area for me to put another loop of track.

i really like that background!

green mountains… and it looks good!

I agree with Korm, The background is fantastic. Did you paint that yourself?(

Along with the backdrops, the benchwork and layout looks good, too… (

Thanks Guys ,

I did paint the backdrop but the funny thing is it took longer to paint the sky than the rest. It took 3 colors of blue blended together. Here are some old pic’s.

The Mountains and fields were painted using primarily to colors Medium Yellow and Payne’s Grey.

All Of my Bench work is done around a L shaped beam. Here are some pic’s from my new loop I am now constructing. I take 2- 1"x4"x12’ Boards and glue/screw them together in an L shape. .I then either make legs for them or I use Cabinets. as my Base. I like using cabinets that I get at the Restore for storage. You can see here from the pic’s Last night I use 2 beams with legs

Here is are the type cabinets I use. I place them side by side. I join the cabinets with a 2"x4"x 12’ board along the front. I then add the L Beam screwed to the back of the 2x4. This all make my base for my coming layout.

WOW!! Nice indoor layout. I wouldn’t attempt to say anything bad, I might get lynched by the other members. ( do really like the ‘under construction’ engine house. FANTASTIC!.

That backdrop is great. It’s ALOT harder than one might think. My first efforts were such a catastrophic failure I am going to instead just fill most of my background with building facades just to cover up the fail. :wink:

Thanks guys,

OK i am going to tell my secret for painting the backdrop. There is a you tube video on doing backdrops. I can’t paint for nothing…But it just works… There are 5 parts i believe…

Vic yea, painting backdrops can be a pain. That is one of the many things I like about playing outside. I don’t have to paint a backdrop. Well, I didn’t. Now that my neighbor has put up a white vinyl wall between us, I just might have to…

Well I have a little more done. I added all of the riser. On the curved section I used a string to set my risers to the radius I am needed.

Ok Guys I have really been busy this week. My wife is out of country on a missions trip . I usually take vacation while she is gone to get a couple this done that I could not other wise.

The curved section is going to have a trestle area and also a small creek/river on the other end. I needed a depressed area to do the trestle in. So I took the same string that I was doing my radius with any attached a string with a weight on the end. I used this to set the lower risers with .

I then went back and took 1/2" partical board and cut it to make my sub road bed.

NIIIICCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEE work!!! Looking good Landrel. “L” girder, can’t beat it.

Very nice !