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I have been a regular visitor here but have not posted that much on this site. I have been working on a modular Layout since about May of 2012. I had taken about a 20 year break from Model railroading. As I was getting back into it I saw the Sundance Central at the Narrow Gauge Convention in Hickory NC. I really enjoyed it and had to build my own. There are no Large scale modular layouts in my area that I have seen. Most seem to model in HO or O gauge. So I set out to build it myself. I have had a lot of fun in the process. I have learned a lot and I am always trying to improve the layout. The layout is about 33’x 24’ and consists of 16 modules. 12 are pentagons and 4 rectangular in shape. the is about 80’ of track on each line. I have been doing about 5 shows a year for the last 3 years.

I am also working on an Indoor layout so I can run my trains when I am not at a show with the modular…


more pic’s

That’s very nice. How long does it take to set up at a show?


It is very nice and I have seen it before so you must have posted it before here at LSC !

I believe this layout was for sale on ebay not to long ago?

It takes about 9 hours to set it up and about 3-4 to take it down…

I have not posted anything here. I have over on another site. I have a complete build thread but it mostly smaller scales…

Yes it was on ebay for a while. I was thinking about starting over and do a better job at it … I have learned a lot and can make it more interesting.

Nice layout, jeez I have my hands full getting set up with my tiny layout, how many people help out during shows? I also do shows with my tiny layout but I’m pretty much by myself during shows. Bob or Sandra from the Door Hollow layout will come by to relieve me if they are also at the show but I have been at a couple shows sans anyone else. It can really suck when you need to go to the john.

I usually set it up by myself. I do most shows without anyone there. I can usually go 8 hours without a bathroom break but if I have to I will ask another modeler or I know guys from another group and they can spell me for a few minutes… I pack a lunch so I don’t have to leave. I have taken my kids on a couple occasions but they get bored … My oldest Daughter will come help take down If I am within a decent driving distance…


i could stand more pics…

how about one or two per modul?

these backgrounds, are they canvas, or rigid material?

What area do you show in? Do you use a van or a trailer to haul it? I know back when they started the Door Hollow crew could fit the original layout in a van, they’ve since gotten a trailer specifically for moving the layout. They built special custom boxes for everything and it all fits in like a puzzle box. Me, I just ram everything into my Scion breadbox. Everything fits but the wear and tear is hard on the layout, looks like its going to need an overhaul this summer.


I will work on getting more pic’s uploaded… The backdrop was painted on 3/4" foam board. This is the second paint job on the backdrop. The first one was very bland and I had to do something different . It is lightweight and it all fits into 2 boxes.


I live in N.C. and I try to make shows that have space…

I have a 17x7x6 trailer that 99% of everything goes into. Everything that is over 6" tall comes off of the layout. The modules have shelves that they go on loaded from the back of the trailer. I have 2 rectangular modules that are the same thickness as the other 12. I have 2 trestle modules that sit on the floor of the trailer. All of my trains and parts have shelves to accommodate them.

All of my buildings and trees fit into the V nose of the trailer . It packs up nice and tight and have not had any problems with transport so far…I’ll post some pic of the trailer too…


I have been following his progress at the Railroad Line Forums

G Scale Modular


Large scale Indoor layout

Quite an accomplishment!

Landrel, That is a very nice looking layout. Im in the process of making a small live steam micro like the one Shawn V. made. I just finished a coal mine that goes inside the outer loop. Its pretty cool how you can make it look so real.(

Ron Tremblay said:

Landrel, That is a very nice looking layout. Im in the process of making a small live steam micro like the one Shawn V. made. I just finished a coal mine that goes inside the outer loop. Its pretty cool how you can make it look so real.(

outer loop??? as in inner loop???

Lol, Just one loop.(

Thanks guys for the comments… Here are a couple more pic’s of it set up. I took these pic’s the first time I sat up with full lighting. Every show I went to had horrible lighting. This place was in a gym where if I had not had my own lighting it would have been totally dark. 2/3rds of the lights in the gym were burned out.

Great pics, Thanks.(

Here are some pic’s of my trailer. I had just bought the trailer and was setting it up in these pics. I open shelves for the modules had stops put in place so I could push modules from back toward front. 2 modules per shelf. I then lock them in with 2-1"x2" stringers for transport. The tailer is wider than the modules so I made shelves for holding all the Locomotives and cars and other boxes. I have to load it for a sow next week so I’ll post some updated pic…