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How do you keep all the parts from sliding around enroute? Bungees?, cargo bars? I’m wondering most about the building storage area in the nose, looks like they could slide off with no lip.

I am packing up this next week for a show for next weekend. I will post more pic’s of it all packed up. I don’t used any bungies. The shelves in the front have a lip that keeps anything from sliding off. Each building has its own box. Nothing has ever bounced out or fallen.


thank you for the additional pics. i love it, to see finished layouts.

(a sight, i see once every decade or two at home…)

Nice Rig! I need to show that to a couple of club members. We have been kicking the tires on a modular layout.

Thanks Guys.

Bob If you need more pic’s of the basic module construction I have them…



Not at this time, but I may ping this thread at a later time for them. For now, I am waiting for the pictures of the trailer and loading. That has been the bone of contention with club members on going modular for our distance shows. Thanks for the offer.

Still a sweet layout and concept.

Bob C.

Nicely done.


I finally got to pack up the trailer. It’s been right at a 100 degrees each for the pat week or so. I hate to put the modules in the trailer when its so hot. I took a reading the other day and it was 115 degrees in the trailer in direct sunlight and 135 pointed at the roof.

Here are pic’s of it all packed up. The modules are not as wide as the trailer and i have boxed in shelves to carry car and other things… Feel free to ask question if you don’t under stand to pic’s…


Here is loading from the rear of the trailer. You can see the vertical stringers that keep the modules from going too far forward

Here is fully loaded and you can see all the boxes that go in the side shelves… You can also see all of the legs go in at the bottom on the bottom 2 shelves… 4 legs for each module

Here is packing from the side door all of middle section. the 4 straight modules… one large trestle. 1 small trestle and 2 regular straight sections. . these modules are not as wide as the trailer so I have shelves on the side of these also…

I am gong to have to do the rest in a little while Photobucket is just too slow right now…

Ok finishing up. Here is a look toward the front. I am able to get all my hand made trees, other buildings, and stuff like bucket of clamps tool box, lights and other things . I finally put in the backdrops and a couple other boxes and we are ready to go…

Landrel, dang impressive. Y’all have way more ambition (and talent) than me.

How do you reattach the legs to each module do you lay them on there side?

I been there and done that too many pieces to take down and pack. took me 5 hours up and down was ready to throw in the sponge. I stole a idea from a Australian modular group. and rebuilt my 5 x20 traction 1/2 in scale and now have it down to 1 1/2 to 2 hours from rolling off or take down and rolling on. with doors closed. I have 4 staked modulus on casters and a mis. dolly. The big change was to build it with 3/4 in thin wall tubing and mig weld it.legs are socketed, ends have male and femail alignment pins , 4 1/4 x 20 bolts hold each section together. If you are interested , in more detail send me a e mail. Regards RAy.

The Modules have built in leg inserts. The leg are slide in from the bottom. I then add a screw to hold in place. I am assembling this by myself most of the time so I made a PVC stand that when it is put together i can set a module on top then put each leg in place. The stand keeps the legs about 1/2" off off the ground. The stand has 2 removable bars(PVC) that are pulled out to set the module on the ground… It make is really easy.

Setting the modules does not take long its putting everything else up that is time consuming. Track connectors (88 of them). backdrop and now lighting.

I have never taken a picture of the stand but I will if you want…


Ty… That is an awesome modular. An awesome layout. It sure rivals a “club” modular but yours is done by yourself.

Applause and Kudos… Thumbs upThumbs upThumbs upThumbs upThumbs up

Since I’ve “retired” from G gauge, I now just have a 36 x 84 inch O gauge figure 8 layout that sets up in 30 seconds on an 3 foot by 8 foot table. (

Oh yeah… It does run O gauge battery powered, REVOLUTION controlled trains. No wires to hook up… (

Thanks Stan