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Modern brake wheels

I’m looking for modern brake wheels and the device that the brake wheels ( the ratcheting mechanism ) mount to for 3 new freight cars i’m scratch building . I tried Charlie Roe but they don’t seem interested in looking through their parts inventory for them . Anyone here have some they are willing to sell ? 3D printed ones would be good too . Thanks !

Would any of Bachmann’s be acceptable?

This bulkhead flat has the pieces in it, if someone can print some for you.

Burl Rice has some made out of brass.

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I think you are asking at the wrong time (ECLSTS 2022) is happening tomorrow.

NO…ABCDEFG to make the 20 character limit !

i like these alot.

Thanks Cliff , I checked the Bachman page out but I didn’t see one that I liked . Thanks for replying .

These look real nice , definately on the list. I didn’t see the other part that the wheel connects to.

Do you sell the parts I am seeking ?


I’m pretty sure Burl has the housing as well. I know because I bought it off Shapeways years and made some resin castings of them.

Here you go


Thanks Craig , i’m going to check Burl’s site out.

If you can’t find what you want; you can contact GLX Scale models.
He does have Aristo’s brake wheels.
(613) 294-2276
Or, if you have a picture of the brake parts you require, or would like; send him a picture of the parts, and the scale you are working in, and he will produce them for you.
Gilbert is a dependable guy, and has helped out many people.
Fred Mills

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Thanks Fred for the info .


Just for some clarification if you don’t not already know, Manimal on Thingiverse that people have linked to in your post is Dan Hilchrist a member here as well. He is a very talented designer and is generous with his design files. I already have his brake files for his tank cars and they look pretty darn good. I see the ones on his bulkhead flat car are very similar. If those work for you I would be glad to print you some and send them to you. The only hitch in the program is that both of my printers are down at the moment. I am hoping that my main machine will be up and running by next week when I get my new parts and can get them installed.

Take a look at those links of his and then send me a PM if that is something you would like printed and we will see what we can do.

Since when did Burl start offering brass detail parts? How did I not know this?

Burl had a bunch of castings made a few years back and I think he’s just slowly selling them off. I bought a few brass parts for my Snow Dozer years ago from Burl, but I’d definitely buy more for more projects once I get back into that stage of modeling.

I just quickly drew this up in 1:29. I am having a test print done as we speak. If this works and you are interested I’d be glad to print you a few for a small fee.

It is in two pieces the wheel and the ratchet.

Thanks everyone , Devon I got ahold of Charlie Roe and ordered the pieces however I can always use some in the future so I an interested in yours too . Do you want my e-mail address ?

Here is the test print. I think it came out decent. If you are interested send me a private message with your email and we can work something out.