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Mik 2022

MIK 2022 is only 4 days away…

Still time to gather up all the stuff you most likely won’t use, but think you might need.

Stand By…


Great to hear from you, Dave. Looking forward to Jan 1, 2022 and the MIK Challenge.

I am not gonna lie Dave. This quick post came with a sigh of relief. Not because of the fate of the challenge but I was just a little bit more than concerned about your well being. Your post is an answer to prayer. Now that I know you are alive and well. . . I can get excited for the challenge.

well, again its time to contemplate IF I am going to join the fray into the world of MIK. I guess the actual hoops Dave has us jump through will be the big decider! Come on Dave go easy on us this year!

I always join. Its the finishing that becomes the problem.

I won’t commit until I know what the challenge is. I’ve got a lot going on right now and may not be able to commit the proper amount of time for it.


Ahaaaa come on Vic… you say that every year, and then whip up a good build in a couple of days…


A sigh of relief rose up from Oahu! Team Mueller is standing by…Thanks again, Dave, for rising to the challenge of the challenge!

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Its the finishing that becomes the problem.

You’re starting to sound like Devon … Ha Ha …It is you… :rofl:


why am I worried about the smile on this dudes face, and why do I want to hide from it? There is evil behind those eyes and under than t hat. Be worried… be very worried!!

we will not mention all that hair, that will inflame him more!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Testing photo loading…A little pic of My Locomotive I took this Spring

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Cool pic. But I did have to click on it to open it. Atleast on my phone.

Beautiful photo, Dave. Love the train and the scenery.

Shows fine on my iPad.

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That image is a link to an http (not https) image. It depends on how your browser is set up whether it will appear or not. I tried to change the image url to https and it didn’t work, as that site didn’t have secure access.

The reason this is a thing is that some nasty people attempt to access your computer through any security hole they can find, and evidently mixing secure and insecure stuff in a single browser page is one of the holes they are able to leverage. As a consequence, many browsers disallow that. Chrome is one of them (I suspect there’s a setting I can twiddle that will allow me to see insecure images in a secure page, but I’m not motivated to open that possible security hole).

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Jim et al… Yes. on the pic location… I’l trying to build a new website, and on it is a place to park photos for having access to them for web boards like LSC.

And for the moment it seems to be workable, for posting photos here…

BTW: I am NOT really web savvy and can use all the help I can get…
? does doing it this way jeporize anyones elses system to malware?

Dave, you can simply drag and drop or copy and paste photos from your local PC here on the new site.

Dave - If the website is for your studio business you probably should get a certificate so it can be accessed as https:\ - If you are using a hosting service there is a good chance the certificate is included, you just need to enable it.

The issue is long term storage on my Laptop…It’s quite full…

? If after posting a photo to the thread, does the photo stay with the thread, even if removed from my laptop?

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If you post via drag-and-drop, then yes. The picture will be pertinently stored on LSC and you can delete the local copy if you wish.

As far as laptop storage goes; external USB hard drives are getting pretty cheap.

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