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Microsoft Edge works

Well, the good news is that it works fine on the forum so far. The bad news is there are no plugins for it, there is speculation there will be, but the architecture is different. I don’t trust Microsoft not to harvest my data, so I won’t be using it much.

Posted from Windows 10 Pro, Microsoft Edge - version unknown (can’t figure out how to display the version yet)

Firefox and IE working fine still.


My experience has mirrored yours, Greg so far. I downloaded Windows 10 on Wednesday and first determined that my Firefox still worked. At first I didn’t like the new Edge, but my opinion has improved over the succeeding days.


Not knowing what Edge is, but seeing Firefox involved, I went looking.
"Windows 10 upgrade resets your default browser to Edge; Mozilla is very unhappyWindows 10 resets your default app choices. Mozilla asks Microsoft to please reconsider.

by Sebastian Anthony (UK) - Jul 31, 2015 1:21 pm UTC"

"Second, the caveats. If you click the small “customise settings” button during installation, you can keep your default apps from the previous installation—but the size of the button would seem to indicate that Microsoft wants most users to just click “use express settings” instead. (Actually, you have to click “customise settings,” and a few pages later click another tiny, low-contrast button to actually change the default apps. Microsoft really doesn’t want you to change Windows 10’s default apps.)

The other important question is whether the European version of Windows 10 honours browser choice or not. Following two antitrust rulings in the 2000s against the bundling of Media Player and Internet Explorer, Microsoft was forced to offer different versions of Windows in Europe."

I’m on the fence about upgrading to 10. I have several Win 7 machines both home and work that would be eligible for the free upgrade which makes it tempting. Waiting to hear a bit more feedback before taking the plunge. My Win8 users at work would love to ditch 8 especially if 10 is more logical and easier to use. Does anyone know if the Free Upgrade is a limited time thing?

I changed the default app myself, it’s the same as in Win 8.1, 8, 7, etc. Whenever a new browser is installed it tries to become the default app.

There are another set of apps you want to change to default most likely. None of these things are “terminal” if you don’t set them during the install.

Notice that IE 11 is also in windows 10.



W10 free upgrade is valid for one year from launch (29 July) as far as I know. I have been advised that my W8.1. desktop - which is fairly new - is compatible and I will be advised when the upgrade is available for me, which is in the near future. I will upgrade the desktop.

However, my Sony VAIO laptop (W.7 Home) cannot be upgraded yet. Sony will advise when, sometime later this month. Some of their products will be much later on it appears. I like W7 so maybe I will wait for a while before upgrading the laptop. I have been making sure that important things on my desktop are also duplicated on my laptop just in case… (

I think the issues some have had are due to compatibility, especially with drivers. There are moans by some software providers it seems but as far as I see it they all knew for some while that W10 was coming.

Knowing that the O/S is coming, and being provided the necessary code entry points to write drivers and other compatible software are two different issues. Microsoft is KNOWN to be about as inhospitable as can be when it comes to allowing someone else to compete. It should never take any government’s law suit for something as universal as a computer operating system to ‘play well with others’. When and if good CAD software becomes available for a Unix/Linux based operating system become available I will dump Microsoft like a bad habit.

Remember folks, when Windows 95 was released, full of bugs, we the purchasing public was EXPECTED to PAY for Microsoft to provide the fixes for their inferior product.


Well, Yunz guys can work through all of the bugs in 10 for me. My XP is still running just fine, so I will keep it plugged in a bit longer.

After reading this I’m not so sure I’m going to rush into it

Just before I left for my C & T ride, I got a notice to start preparing a back up for my Win 10 install. AS promised with my 8.1 purchase a year ago… I hit the notify me later and now I can’t find it!

Of course HP is sending me adverts of new puters with 10 installed! Argh!

Hopefully the next time it shows up, it will be convenient to do it.

Oh yeah, I’ve heard warnings of bad links in some install offers. Be carefull.


Yeah, you know, there’s more “action” posting the sky is falling on Win 10 than concentrating on the stuff they improved on over 8.1.

I will say that the “information sharing” stuff is way over the top, but all stuff is like that now, it’s like facebook, you gotta spend some time opting out.

Just like your phone, and just like using google maps on a phone (did you know using google maps on your phone sends location and speed data all tie time and you cannot stop it?)

But anyway John, you can go to a site on Microsoft, and you download a small file, called the media creation tool… google that and Cnet… if you get stuck email me and I’ll walk you through it… Only 2 laptops not on Win 10 as of Sunday night.


Thanks Greg - I found the official installer “for IT Professionals” on I’ll be grabbing that soon. I’m told this only works if you have your W7 or W8 key, which I believe I do for most machines. The 'automatic" upgrade seeks out your key from the registry.

Hey Greg,

I just gave out my first positive respect point and you got it! I haven’t given any negs either…

In spite of our sparring, you made a quality offer, thanks.


Thanks and you guys are welcome!

I do have a Windows 10 page with some tips, there was a major update out today, like a 300 meg update, so even though no major bugs have been found, Microsoft is on the case. Not that I’m a simpering Microsoft lover, but I need an O/S to rely on.

I have some tips on Win 10, that is updated pretty frequently, (the last modified date is shown on all my web pages):

If Bob does not mind, we can use this thread for questions… I’m happy to help here, there’s nothing that spoils your day when the computer goes nuts and you cannot use it at all.

Regards, Greg

Thanks for that, Greg. I have Windows 8 right now and like it a LOT better than 7. Most things just work better and faster. However, without that start menu, Windows 8 is basically unusable for me. I found a free one, but I suspect I’ll be taking my computers to 10…but no rush.

Your link will provide a good reference for when I do get started.

This old box from 2008 has Vista 64 bit and I have no desire to stress it out by trying to upgrade. (and especially, stress Me out)
Interestingly, the other day my parents said that if I’d go find a computer I liked, then they would get it for me.
I’m not sure how to even shop for a computer. My health is a mess so if it isn’t something I’ve had 30 years experience shopping for, I haven’t got a clue how to.

I’m going to sticky this thread for a while… Thanks Greg!

Well, that is an honor, thanks!

That web page will probably be updated every couple of days for a few months, just check the last updated date in the upper left corner.

Also, anything i have missed or comments, just email me…

Be sure to do the update that was available yesterday, it’s sizeable and i did it and it did make a few things snappier, and no ill effects.


I found a work around for an older system that does not boot from a USB drive. Installed Windows 10 on tower and so far it’s alright.

I bought the stand alone install. Still trying to get the free upgrade on my Win7 laptop (can’t install SP1).

Stay on the snitch settings. They want to report everything you do.

It’s not formatted really great, but on my windows 10 page, there are a few command line functions that can “reset” the updater.

What specific error message are you getting when you try to install SP1? Be sure to do a registry clean first.

Feel free to email me and I can see if I can help.