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Howdy folks
I’ve had a few requests to bring up the old member listing that I had. I’ll be working on this next, but I need to make sure it’s secure, and that emails can’t be harvested. At the same time, I’m going to be going through the user list and removing duplicate logins (some people have created 2 accounts accidentally).

Stay tuned

Hi Bob. McC.
Just a few of us old timers that, as I joined after a few years when you started up this site. Kind of like to be able to find some old buds that we use to Post, Chat or e-mail with. There s an old bud we use to Post/chat with in South America that set up an layout in his basement store. Anyway still nice to see some old guys still on here as it is. Noel in Rio Linda,CA

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I believe that would be Korm but he has not posted in awhile that I’m aware of.

I’m still reading.



Thank you for chiming in Korm!