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Howdy folks
I’ve had a few requests to bring up the old member listing that I had. I’ll be working on this next, but I need to make sure it’s secure, and that emails can’t be harvested. At the same time, I’m going to be going through the user list and removing duplicate logins (some people have created 2 accounts accidentally).

Stay tuned

Hi Bob. McC.
Just a few of us old timers that, as I joined after a few years when you started up this site. Kind of like to be able to find some old buds that we use to Post, Chat or e-mail with. There s an old bud we use to Post/chat with in South America that set up an layout in his basement store. Anyway still nice to see some old guys still on here as it is. Noel in Rio Linda,CA

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I believe that would be Korm but he has not posted in awhile that I’m aware of.

I’m still reading.



Thank you for chiming in Korm!

Darn Long time not talking to you, Korm… Maybe some time on chat box or facebook if can. Noel in Ca.

yup, too long.
what is chat box? facebook is one thing i always abstained from.
still remember fondly the live shows and communications you and Jerry made.
but at the moment there is no “swing” in things.
a lot of factors.
first me. getting old and slow. (i know, i’m a lot younger than you, but…)
much of the batteries left still goes into our Vol. Fire Dep.( only BSing on the council and teaching noobees)
Cellphones!!! that sh¡t steals soo much time!
for years now i am boxing up the whole layout, sorting through the modeling materials (sorting usable from pure junk) sorting figures and other acessories for the move. but i have not yet decided, if i build a hall in the garden, or if i move into the general store(48’ by 64’), after we close that down. (but astonishing, tidying up goes even slower than modeling)
after experimenting with 3D, now i’m trying to master moldmaking and pouring in resin.
(believe it, or not, i’m still trying to find a way to make an outdoors version of the milkmaid!)

well, and the outside factors.
i’m reading in the three largescale forums left, but they seem less interesting.
less pics, since they all changed to more advertisement-friendly software.
(here i’m not even done with restoring the pics in my old threads)
the themes have shifted. less how to make and more what to buy.
old guys are getting less active (not only me)
even Rooster has calmed down!!

hmm, well, i think, that is enough of a rant for today.

what about you? still got your garden railway? still got submarine trains? still got your group of friends for running days?


Greetings from Maryland Korm, good to see ya.


Greetings from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Korm. Glad you are still taking nourishment.
Our railroad here is still operating, during our Summer season, after 35 years, and we still have between 15-20 operators every Saturday. No sign of us shutting down !! We wish you could join in the fun…
Fred Mills

thanks. likewise.
althoug your materials and tecnics are very different from mine i love to follow your building threads.


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you know, i envy you.
not for the layout or roling stock - i’m quite content with what i have.

i envy you for the big group of friends that gathers around you to play with you. and keep you young and busy.

the only other largescaler, i knew of down here, has left the country half a decade ago.

but i don’t envy you for the weather. hibernation-time must be near, i presume.


Hi Korm.
Boy it’s been a long time old buddy. Yup… well kind of slowed down to. I lost my second wife ( Jane) about 3 years ago that was married for 51 years.) Now living in ELk Grove Ca. So I still have may little ranch and had my Kids move in to hope keep my garden R.R. and ranch up. But, the R.R. is kind of run down do to they not in to trains i guess. I’m still in Northern Calif. R.R. club (SVGRS) so do a lot of stuff with them.I’m do a lot of storing stuff in my 45 foot simi trailer that is now on another buddy’s ranch. I cut off the wheels and landing gears to set it on blocks so i can drive a Utility trailer in to it beside storage stuff. So ya …I slowed down now, almost 90 but still love trains…lol. I have started a Trolley sys out back here in the back yard using home built electronic sys to run two trolleys and making a few stop on the Back and forth 140 ft. Tracks. Glad things are still ok there and playing with trains. lol. Anyway like to just talk, sometime live cam if like on Face book .Easy’er than trying to type on here. Look up noel wilson on face book that has a Santa fe Eng. heads on as a logo. That’s me and make a friend request… I’ll see it. Have a good day and miss the old day. Noel.

Yes, it is the start of a type of “Hibernation”…!!
But; it is also the start of planning, and reviewing many projects we will be attacking in the Spring.
Our Railroad is alive, and we find Spring is the time to work on keeping the railroad in good health. The planning keeps us all active year around.
Fred Mills

Yeah, social time is VERY important for ALL events - perhaps it is the “raison d’etre”?

Anyway, having a crew IS awesome, especially as SOME of us get too old for all of this maintenance!

…and here I am at 81, and in spite of aches and pains, hearing problems, poor eyesight, and watching others giving up; I feel too young to give it up; because I’m having too much fun, with a great group of friends. Each one of our operators/friends contributes in some way, and we don’t have membership fees.
They keep reminding me that we have been doing this for about 40 years, so why quit now…!!!
One of the guys is actually writing the history, of the IPP&W railroad, and the Ottawa Valley Garden Railroad Society, because he finds it interesting. LS Model Railroading, can be a lifetime hobby.
Fred Mills

Suppose I should chime in here too. No longer modelling, or m/bike riding. Got too old and frail. 75 this year and that is a lot older for some than for others.

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Korm did you ever finish that trestle ?

Rooster has calmed down because he was “politely” or not so “politely” shown by the non contributing LSC elders and their posse that he needed too ,two, 2, to do so, sow, sew "So he did ".
His Garden RR is still alive and well and still has active trackage when time allows!
I love my garden and the railway but yes as I age (20yrs behind you my friend) I play with my trains less these days.
However you never know what could trigger me as I’m currently burning out on historical research (maybe not).

Take care my friend

hi Noel,

almost 90… holy dog! are you sure, that you are not THE papa Noel?

sorry to hear about Jane. mine for 43 years is only 64 now. i hope, she waits me out.

and your H0 layout? also stayed in the old place?
are you still making animation scenes?
still got cats all over the workplace?