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Lou's 2024 MIK Challenge

Hard to put this off any longer, but I have to get to my Procrastinator’s Club meeting. I have been wanting to do one of these for a long time, but it keeps getting away from me.

Boy does that napkin, leave the build choices wide open…

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Well, every time I put something down, it floats away!

That’s the definition of an open ended project :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

OK, this whole thing is getting away from me.
Time to look for something that will stay in one place!

Lou at this point you are supposed to be building. . .not deciding what to build.

Knowing I was a backwards child, I am behind again.
The Upsidaisium Mine floated away, so we’re going with plan B.
I found a Yard building I bought quite a while ago that is missing parts, so I’m going with that. Picture to follow.

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Do I need to count the amount spent on Upsidaisium that floated away?

Plan B. Many years ago I joined a model railroad club that met in the Southern Ry yards in Alexandria, Virginia. So I thought, what if a railside structure were donated to a model railroad group? I found this incomplete kit that I bought a long time ago.
Let’s take this and make it into a clubhouse. Motion approved, we are charging right into it as fast as Devon.

I think this is my favorite build of the challenge. I love a good mystery. I can’t wait to see how decide to achieve a model of a squiggly line.

As fast as me? Ha. I feel way behind. all I have is some pizza plastic.

Starting with this right after the meeting of the Procrastinator’s Club.

looks like some good bones to start with.

One wall and one window?
Sheesh, what an optimist!

Im trying to be encouraging. A certain other person on here who’s name I shall not mention but it closely rhymes with PETE LASSEN says I am a bully. So I am trying to be a positive and encouraging.

I am heading down to the basement to work on the (drum roll, please)

The He-man’s Wimmen Haters Club

OK, I put on some Frankie Yankovic and got really creative today.
I managed to piece together the tool box that I had 50% of.

Then I looked for something to use for pillars or pilings, and I found one more of the plastic things you turn to open the blinds.

I only have one wall and no roof for the watch tower. How about using the parts I have left from cannibalizing PRR passenger cars? Like this.

So this club house will mount on top of the columns.

“I love it when a plan comes together.”


I’ll give this a GO MIK :+1:

There you go. This is in the true spirit of MIK. This is junk bin raiding at its finest.

This weekend’s progress.

I’m not happy with the glue I used for the columns, it’s either too old or too flexible.

OK, probably should have painted before mounting.

Anyway, some progress.