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looking for figures

Looking for American railroad figures in the 1:24 to 1:22.5 range, there are a lot of 1:20:3 figure out there but they are a little large for LGB, like the Just Plain Folk ones but they are limited to Railroad workers, any others?

Do any of the Pieiser figures or those from Fun & Games work for you?

Bill, check The Hobby Bunker in Malden, MA. They also buy out other stores. Never know what they will have in stock.


Checked the Hobby bunker and they have nothing, and I like Preiser figures as they are well made and usually very well detailed but haven’t found any American train figures like engineer and fireman figures but thank every one all for the suggestions, Bill

You might try searching for something like -

model railroad figures g scale

Found these on ebay

Thanks Mark, yea I’ve looked there, that’s where I got my seated coach figures, just not a lot of old railroad ones, what really is missing is loggers they are like no where. can find some but most are wearing hard hats which really doesn’t belong back in the 30-40 era. I’s too bad just plain folks went out of business they were pretty neat although woodland scenic looks like they might have some, Bill

After stating that there were not many logging figures out there is stumbled into these sold by , but if you are into that scale there are a bunch out there


I just got a load of American Diorama from the Maulsworld shop on eBay (He’s a hobby store in NJ.) Nominally 1/24th scale, but actually many are quite large.

This is Jim the Boss on the right - the other figure is a 1/20th scale guy that I found on Aliexpress.!33931!US!-1

And here he is in my LGB Feldbahn loco next the the (rather small) driver supplied by LGB.

I find most of their 1/24th figures are a bit on the larger side, which is probably good for what you want.

I will check them out, thanks, Bill

used to turn up on EBAY fairly often. Right time period, I think, fair detail, though maybe a bit dramatic for you. I picked up a couple sets fairly cheap years ago:

also…did you look into LEMAX figures. The vast majority are Christmas types, but there are also quite a few ‘old time’ ones, though the scale tends to be closer to 1/29 - 1/32/ Might work for background.

Found some good ones on Maulsworld shop on eBay that was suggested super nice dealer and they were $6.89 each.


Bill, I bought these to fill up passenger cars:

And I bought some from figures from this guy for around the layout (he was good about combining shipping):

For what it’s worth.

edit: by the way, before you buy anything, let me see what extras I have, because I always cook too much dinner for family and never failed to buy too many train things! I’d be happy to send whatever I have you can use.

Yea I also got the Chinese figures for my passenger cars, not painted very well but you can’t tell once they are in the car

Got my figures today from Maulsworld shop from eBay, boy what good figures, on par if not better than preiser, very pleased with my purchase, thanks, George


Bill Barnwell said:

Got my figures today from Maulsworld shop from eBay…

I checked them out. I just hired my new YardMaster (I think the boys will listen to her):

Huh? What did you say? I’m sorry, I was a bit…distracted.

Here’s some of my Maulsworld Diorama figures. 1/24th on the left, and 1/18th on the right.

I also pointed out some Xmas figures to the wife, and she asked why I didn’t have them for her decorations. I found a set for $17.50. Sorry for the lousy contrast in the pic, as it was backlit, and don’t ask what they are doing on my Reno. They are nominally 1/24th and the loco is 1/28th so you can draw your own conclusions.

And on my bench, along with the guy waiting for a paint job, is a young lady, also paintless [and pantless] who is supposed to look like this.

She will make a good conductor.


She looks like she would fit right in on my Brandywine & Gondor Railroad (the Mainline of Middle Earth). Just how many orc heads do you think she could lop off with a single swing of that sword?

Best, David Meashey

The way girls wears their “pants” these days, all you have to do is paint her legs black and they’ll look like leggings. (A friend of my daughter’s paid $240 for a pair; that’s two hundred forty dollars, plus tax.)

edit: I just KNEW I shouldn’t have posted that picture of my new employee.

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