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LGB - too soon to evaluate?

As companion to TRAINWORLD’s posting of a video on our site showing two of LGB’s newest locos, is it too soon to comment on the quality and durability of the other locos produced and sold under their newest management?

For me, and many of you, early on LGB earned and purposefully promoted their reputation for both quality and durability - all three of our older LGB Moguls have at least 1500 hours of run time. That was then, so what has been your experience with these apparently newly manufactured replacements:

F7 diesels,

White Pass & Yukon diesel,

Philadelphia Street Car

0-4-0 Porter

Sandy River Forney


Stirring the pot again?

I have older versions of some of those items. I would have to spend money (gasp) to get newer versions to compare the two.

David and all-

“Stirring the pot again?”

It maybe time to know what’s in the Pot. Maybe it is way too soon. Considering my excellent Canon SLR camera - an intricate $600+ complexity for my family, does the pot contain product of equal quality? As David (above) so well says he’d have to buy to compare. So we “Ask The Man Who Owns One.” Our hobby costs too much to experiment.


Well Wendell, if LGB ever “gets off the pot”, I will have a new Olomana to play with. That’s about the only new LGB item I am currently looking to purchase

At the risk of taking this subject off on a different tangent, the prices of new LGB will make any thoughts of purchasing them, a non-thought.

I would also love to have an Olomana as well but at $400 bucks, I’ll stick to buying used. I just received a second hand Atlas for the pizza. Also looking for a used Stainz for a new pizza idea.

I’ve got their new White Pass (Davenport) Diesel. So far, it seems quite up to the reputation LGB earned early on.



The biggest issue I have with newer items is the weight as lead is no longer used (per government regulations) so the traction is less.

Of course you can just add your own weight. My older 2063 diesel is a great puller due to the lead weight inside.

Dan, any recommendations on how much to add? Adding too much can damage the drive gears.

Oh! Is that why the new Olomana has traction tyres? Because it’s a light weight.

Holy smokes, gentlemen! This is actually turning out to be a sensible discussion! I was expecting Bob to drop the hammer at any minute (we all know how manufacturer topics end up!)

Yes, a sensible on-topic discussion.

Consider our sources for product announcements are occasional videos from TRAINWORLD on this site and manufacturer’s ads and reviews in GARDEN RAILWAYS.

However, durability assessment is not a feature in either of those sources. That’s up to us.

As we are the most likely large scale consumers your careful evaluation is welcomed.



Harvey, people have been saying that about LGB for a very long time, but they keep coming back to life, and they keep selling product. The translation for LGB, that some people use, because of their cost, is “Let’s Go Broke”. But LGB quality can’t be beat, at least the quality of the older stuff. This newer stuff, only time will tell.

I have found that weight in LGB engines does not hurt the gears, it just increases the wear at the axles.

I have seen the metal axles worn and the plastic frame not worn. I do not know why this occurs. This will result in more pressure on the plastic axle gear.

I have also seen where the frame gets an oblong wear where the axle protrubes and this can be fixed with a bushing.

Dan, ok. If the Olomana does come with traction tyres, as advertised, I may consider replacing that wheel and adding weight to the thing. It all depends on how it performs.

David- Considering the LGB loco you have ordered, you maybe the only source so far for examining a “new” LGB locomotive . The question: How is old vs. new LGB production determined? There are likely still “old” stock locos out there for sale.

The locos I listed in the initial posting came from TRAINWORLD’s LGB in-stock listing. If you ordered one, would it be newly manufactured?

As to the LGB Olomana, are you on a paid pre-order basis awaiting completion of new production ? You suggested awaiting delivery. At any rate, once you get it, please check if there is a manufacturer’s location and hopefully one of our savy readers can tell us if it is “new” from where the manufacturing is taking place under LGB’s newest regime. Your evaluation of the product will be interesting. Perhaps the lack of new LGB locos input in this thread is an indicator of sales from our group.

Wendell, it will be new production. I ordered it well over a year ago. Maybe 2 years ago by now. The LGB representatives at the ECLSTS told me that it was “delayed” so that they “could incorporate some improvements”. The expected arrival date is, well, any day now.

You betcha I will be taking a good look at the locomotive when it arrives.

Wendell Hanks said: David- Considering the LGB loco you have ordered, you maybe the only source so far for examining a “new” LGB locomotive .

FYI : Wendell our own member Dan Pierce works with Axel (Train-li) He repairs old items and does quality checks of new items before the’re sent out.

Thanks to Sean’s observation made above –

For Dan Pierce and others who make repairs or work with newly manufactured LGB products, what are the identifiers of “new” LGB products?

One indicator such as the country of origin and serial numbers? Are the product containers in the same all-to familiar red design?

Considering the conspiracy of confusion surrounding LGB’s sale, resale, purchase, made in China or?, knowing if you are purchasing new or old stock may be the final determinate of price.

What can be relied upon - by both vendor and consumer?

I have purchased quite a few of the newer LGB items (made in Hungary) from a small diesel switched to the re-issued forney along with some really nice Euro passenger cars.
All have been exceptional in quality and if you shop around you can find great pricing on many new LGB items.
I also just purchased a reversing unit for my layou that I admitted I wired wrong and shorted it out, was fully expecting to just bite the bullet and buy another one… However, LGB replaced it at no-charge and took the damaged one back.
I have no hesitation purchasing any new item from LGB.