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LGB Mogul (2018D) Wiring

I have a LGB Mogul (2018D).I want to add a Revolution (Train Engineer) receiver card in the tender. There is a 3-wire plug from the locomotive, but how can I tell which wires are track power and which are to the motor? It looks like the wheels on the tender are track power pickup but is that all there is for track power pickup? This wiring looks a confusing to me. I have read the various messages about the Mogul but I haven’t come across this issue. Has anyone had this question?
Thanks, all help is appreciated.

The early 3 wire Moguls have the track feed, 2 of the three. The last wire is for the tender lamp when backing the Mogul. The Moguls with the LGB sound card in the tender have a 6 wire connection to the tender. The extra wires signal the card for the sounds to match the motor speed, etc.


I recently did some surgery on my mogul ( LGB 2018D Mogul - Cable From Cab to Tender Kaput). I tried to remember which of the three wires went where, and, as I noted in my post, botched it. I basically just kept testing as I reassembled, which, while unsophisticated, worked for me.

With regard to trackpower pick-ups, the loco gets it from the tender as you noted, all six drive wheels, and the pickup shoes. At the bottom of my referenced post you can see the innards and how all of the power flows from the wheels, to springs, to brass brushes, to brass bus bars. The beauty of this loco is that it has relatively few wires. Most of the stuff is big, easy to sea, bits of brass. I was able to trace it all pretty easily once I had her ripped apart for repair.