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LGB 20140 Feldbahn, optional r/c+battery, 3 gons and a small trailing van

Time to get the big tool box out of my closet and sell the contents (and the tool box if you want to pay shipping!)

There’s a long thread about the construction of this little beauty a couple of years ago.

The LGB 20140 cost $175, so $150 seems reasonable, and I have the original box. The LGB 4044 gondolas are about $25 each, as is the trailing LGB 40480 van, so say $100 for the consist. All plastic wheels, all repainted. So the loco and 4 cars, with no sound, r/c or battery, is $250. Plus shipping.

Electronics is the expensive part. The batteries and charger are about $40, the ESC was $50, the sound card $80, and the RX was $20. Say $200 for all the stuff in the first gon.

Which I why I am setting it up so I can keep the electronics for my next project and just sell the loco and 4 cars for $250. (I have plenty of those gons without electronics.)

That’s a total of $450 as you see it in the video, without the RCS TX-3, which is another $120. But any DSM2 TX will work, like the Spectrum.
Plus shipping of course. I like Paypal.

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