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Last 6 Count Down Days to Mik 2023

Last 6 Count Down Days to Mik 2023… Still some time to hoard unless stuff that you think you will need for this years fun !!!

I need no encouragement to horde stuff. I need psychological help to stop. Horder’s Annonymous???

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Hi Jon,
My name is Rooster and I have been assigned to your case. Come on in and have a seat on the couch. I will take my corner perch while listening and taking notes so we can decide on the next approach.

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Ahaaa… that looks to be ONLY a 20 yard… needs something bigger for me… Thank you…

There are at least a few of those in my future :grin:

My hoarding id done and I have a space to work (almost). Lets get it on.

I’m just still trying to think of a good excuse on why I won’t participate. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh wait, I said I’d do it, but not actually complete anything. I’m still blaming Devon for my involvement last year and I’m still not done with that either…

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wonder what you wont finish this year?

If I never start, I’ll never have a need to finish. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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well would you accept that sort of a response from a student looking to do their year end term paper?

I would. And then quickly followed by a “you didn’t want to pass, right and see me again next year?”…

And see if I wait until 2024, MIK will come around again… :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

okay you kinda have me on that one.

Afterall, I built the depot last year and now I don’t need it. Such a waste of such a good talent. :roll_eyes:

This “good” talent is busy…

Hi guys, I’m on hold for the moment. I picked up the Rona (edit) right before Christmas and despite being vaxxed and triple boosted it laid me flat out as well as giving me an eye infection so everything is blurry to me. I’m on Paxlovid and everything over the counter imaginable so I’m hoping this goes away by New Years. But we’ll see. 30 days to finish is a long time.

NOOOO… The big C is Cancer. COVID is nothing to sneeze at, but I’d rather have that C.

Feel better Vic.

Vic, like @JRad , I thought you meant something much worse than the 'VID! Been through COVID twice…I committed to a full course of “Garden Therapy” with frequent injections of modeling between naps. Worked like a charm!

Rest up, stay hydrated, get well, and get ready!


Still hoping a late year bits order from TrainLi gets here in time…just in case I need to repurpose those repair parts!

Thanks again, Dave, for sponsoring this event!


Sure hope you recover real soon, Vic.

Sorry to hear that Vic. Hope you recovery quickly. I have been fortunate. I have tested positive twice. First time I didn’t even know I had it, was tested at the hospital for something totally unrelated. The second time I felt like I had a head cold for two days. That’s all the worse I have had it. But I have watched others go through it and it looks miserable. Hope you get well quickly.

Ha I could use a dumpster too. I’m running out of space to build anything.