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KOPS22 - Saturday April 30, 2022

YES! Its going to happen one more time. There will be a gathering at Ken Brunt’s Railroad. This will not be an operating session, but if we can get the track in order, trains may run.

Bev, Ken’s spouse, has asked for help selling Ken’s Railroad. We would like to sell it to his friends, first. Prices need to be fair, but here is your chance to get a part of Ken’s Rio Grande Southern Railroad and maybe a nice piece of equipment for your own railroad.

More information to follow, stay tuned.


Sounds good. Jean and I will plan to be there, but I suspect that we’ll drive up just for the day (time will tell).

And, on second thought I think we will spend Friday night in a nearby hotel since I would like to take Jean over to Mt. Cuba (a garden place) on Friday.

Sure looking forward to seeing everybody again! (Just wish it was under better circumstances)

Great idea, Ric. Also it saddens my heart as well. I hope we can make a day trip up on Saturday morning.


Marilyn and I will try and be there. Not sure if we will camp or look for a hotel. That campground was really nice. I just did a winter check of “Arvy” and it looks great inside. Will be bittersweet gathering there one last time.

EDIT to add. Campground reservations made for Friday & Saturday nights. Would like to stay longer but Marilyn has used up all her time for the year already!

I’m looking forward to seeing all. I may stay overnight in the area and will enjoy sharing the thoughts with others.

What a great idea… Time will tell if I will be able to make the trip…

Thanks Ric, what a great plan.

[edit] FWIW, I just booked at the Hilton Garden Inn Kennett Square.

I would love to see you Ken’s even if you don’t wanna see me. We could call it even if you bring $20 ?

I am going to try and get down for this. I never got to visit his RR.

EDIT: Someone PM me his address, please? I don’t seem to have it in my records.

address sent
:sunglasses: :innocent: :sunglasses:

Ditto. Just booked Friday night.

It’ll be great to see you again Bob. How long since the F2F DnB? Three years I think.

I’m wondering, for those available Friday evening, what can we do to celebrate Ken, without obligating Bev? Ric, thoughts?

Make sure you come down “1-81” through Pennsyltucky so you can take in some of the mining towns that you seem to like.

Still not sure what I’m bringing. However I will say that he always had his eye on me and I get blamed for everything anyway.

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It may end up different, but I would imagine food and beverages will be around. Ken always drove, but I think I can find some of the pizza joints and places he took me. If anyone is worried there won’t be enough food, bring some. Just remember, we are here to help Bev, Ken’s Spouse, get rid of things, not dump more items on her. You bring food and beverage, take away the trash. Think about it, “WHAT WOULD KEN DO? I can guarantee there would be no chocolate left.”

I was introduced to Kens friend at KOPS 2020. The gentleman was a vet and Ken knew his family( I believe). He apparently has/had an O scale layout in a 53’ tractor trailer. I’m hoping he can attend if he is still around as I would like to meet him again myself! I know this much "Ken was shocked he showed up and I personally thought it was awesome. I love history!!


I’m really hoping you are bringing the “Evil Twins”

It’s all good and we will ALL figure it out !

Thanks Ric, all great advice.
I was asking about Friday evening; any thoughts there?

Ken would always show up here with a Box O’ Joe and a donut selection.