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Ken Brunt passed!

I never met Ken, but his guidance from afar will be sorely missed. My condolences to all who knew him personally and to his family. E hoʻomaha me ka maluhia (Rest in peace).

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Will miss seeing him at York ,he was a great story teller

Talked to him on Facebook and several times mentioned how I would love to see his layout in person, he said just knock on the door if your in the area. His humor and his modeling and layout and most of all his ability to keep rooster in line will be sorely missed!
Hats off to anyone who has shed blood for our country , thank you Ken!


Very saddened to get the message from Shawn that Ken had passed suddenly.
Ken was the first person I met on our first visit to the ECLSTS back in 13/14 from the LSC group. He was always kind and my wife and I enjoyed a quick stop by his house while he was just finishing the track work on his new layout during one of our trips to Virginia.
Life goes by quick so make the most of it while you can.

I got the text from my cousin rooster while eating lunch today. I saw rooster texted, then read it. Damn. :frowning: That was not what I thought it would be from Rooster.
Ken and I hung out at Andy and Jane’s. Dude was one of a kind and just awesome. I saw him this past op’s and we were planning to meet again at the next. (I wish I could type what he actually told me, but those that know Ken, probably have an idea what he said. hahaha!)

I’m gonna miss that dude. Rest in peace brother.


Oh no! What sad news. Although I never met him in person he was a good “forum friend”. My condolences to his family and friends.

It seems to be a day for such sorrowful news. A neighbor of ours passed away this morning under similar circumstances.

Sad day for LSC and the hobby. My condolences to his family. RIP
I have been fortunate to have meet the grumpy guy … He wasn’t though …

So sad to hear this, considered Ken an good friend having run trains on his layout and seeing him every year at Father Fred’s for the American Invasion of Friends. Always remember is tale about how he didn’t consider himself a Vietnam Vet because he spent so little time there. It wasn’t until his Purple Heart brothers reached out that he felt a part of the band of brothers. We raise a glass to our fallen friend. Ken always had our backs and was a true friend. We will miss him like crazy.


Wow. That’s sad. Pass on my condolences and prayers. He was one of the good ones that’s for sure.

Never had the honor of meeting Ken, but enjoyed interacting here. Sad day indeed.

I met Ken when LSC first started and again at a later Garden Railway Convention.
So sad to hear of his passing.
My condolences to his family.

So sorry to hear, but in many ways went out the best way possible. only got to Ken’s twice, and i believe he put in equal visits to my railroad during trainop’s

will be sorely missed.


I’ve known Ken since I got into large scale. He was one of the original crew that came up here and helped me get the RR loop complete, and he came up here for every TrainOps since.


I just read about the passing of Ken. I never met Ken but he was an inspiration to large scalers and will be greatly missed by all.
Everyone has mentioned the shock they felt on hearing the sad news and I must admit to also feeling shocked and moist eyed.
Large scale has lost a great modeller and ambassador whose legacy goes well outside the lower 48 states.
RIP Ken,

All these great photos of Ken. Thanks all for digging them out and posting.

It has been said that hatless photos of Ken are a rarity. I agree, but back in 2006 as an extension to the American Invasion of Friends, Ken joined a bunch of us on a road trip to North Bay to visit Rod Johnston’s 1:12 scale ride on railroad. The trip up from Ottawa was hot and nearly every shot I have that includes Ken he does not have a hat on. We dodged a bullet that day as a severe thunderstorm with tornado force winds passed right over us.

Here are some shots taken at Rod’s the day after the storm. Luckily he had no damage and was one of the few with power.

Morning safety meeting…

Hauling Ric around the layout…

Once he had learned the ropes, Rod upgraded Ken to a bigger train…

Perhaps that was a mistake. The infamous KenDump photo…

I don’t remember the year, but when Ralph Berg was active in LS, he decorated some tribute cars. One was Brunt’s Head Provisions. He asked me for a photo of Ken and some design work for the decals. I’m still looking for a picture of the car, but here is the photo Ralph chose…

And finally, this one doesn’t include Ken, but it was a Ken story that would not die…

I spent most of today remembering all the good times we shared. Ken really will be missed. Rest in Peace buddy.


I have not been on here in several years contributing to the forum, but I check in several times a week. Ken will be greatly missed here. He was one of the foundations of this site. He was always was willing to help fellow modelers and newbies. And always had something to contribute to the conversation. We will all miss you Ken.
As a side note has anyone heard from Fred today, Ken and Fred were close.

Neat photos, Jon. I wish I had gone on THAT trip!

Anyway, here’s A picture of the car from Ralph.


Who made the awesome g scale Ken Brunt? That is a great resemblance with just enough whimsy to capture what I know of him

Perhaps Ken just lives on??? (I DID get a Christmas card from him and Bev today. Just bad Karma, I guess)

I miss him already.


Deb and I are deeply saddened at Ken’s passing. Ken was a real joy to be with, We enjoyed his visits to our railway, at his railway and at the East Coast Large Scale train show.
At our next TrainOps we will hold a whistle blow for Ken.

Deb and Stan